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The Basketball Game

What was it like for you? Getting bundled up to leave the house after dinner on a Tuesday night, an adventure looming instead of the usual wind-down to bedtime. Sitting in a long line of cars to get into a parking lot. Trotting — no, skipping — alongside me in the cold. The darkness illuminated… Continue reading The Basketball Game

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What 2022 Taught Me About Running

Running gets better as you get older. Not faster or longer, necessarily, but better because you appreciate it more. Movement is movement. Miles are miles. Wherever, whenever, however fast, however often — if running serves you in a way that pleases you, great. Every mile is precious. Every. Single. Mile. Running with a partner or… Continue reading What 2022 Taught Me About Running

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Duke City Marathon

Bagel and coffee,Race number pinned, layers on,Cool autumn morning.Rain, but not too hard.Parking and potties a breeze.Bless smaller races.Bang. No takebacks now!Avoid puddles. Relax. Try.Adrenaline, though.I think I’m relaxed,But the watch says otherwise.Well. Don’t overthink.There! My family!And my heart’s re-energized.One mile at a time.I assure myself,But this body’s not stupid,And sees through it all.Body: “What’s… Continue reading Duke City Marathon

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Ode to Marathon Training

The phone sings out: it’s time to rise and shine!Or at the very least, get out of bed,And try to tell my legs that they’ll be fine —With this run, maybe we’ll get gold from lead.I tell myself, These miles, they aren’t so bad.The build-up seems quite practical and smart.And hunger, fatigue, mood swings? I’m… Continue reading Ode to Marathon Training

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Ode to a Wet Swimsuit

Shall I compare thee to a punishment?Thou art as pleasant, and as sweet to take.Thy stubbornness, so inconvenient,Makes restless toddlers seem a piece of cake.When first I stepped into this bathroom stall,My hopes were high, my children, well-behaved.Alas! My aspirations hit a wall.For patience and agility I prayed.The fabric squelching, cups adrift, I triedTo balance… Continue reading Ode to a Wet Swimsuit

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Reaching heavenward,she revels in her power.Seeing her, some are awestruck, some terrified; few can look away, spellbound.Her light and warmth she has no interest in containing.Subtle messages long forsaken, she can only roar.Not in turmoil, she is turmoil itself,collapsing in a smoldering heap here, exploding in a startling burst there.Efforts to extinguish her towering energy… Continue reading Wildfire

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Under the Surface

What don’t we see under the surface?Beneath the top soil, exposed to the elements, deceptively crumbly and transient,Teems, I suspect, a world devoid of light but replete with life: a miracle.Brand-new roots hungry, relentless in their singular purpose: growth.Plunging down, groping outward with tendrils fragile yet vitalSeeking nourishment that we outsiders take for granted with… Continue reading Under the Surface

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The Fifth Day

People associate emotional healing with bad experiences. It turns out, though, that the positives can require recovery, too. The accomplishment of something enormous, or the overwhelming relief and gratitude of a spiritual tank refill — not just a pitcher, a TANK — are like beautiful, indelible tattoos. The experience initially brings excitement, joy, but then:… Continue reading The Fifth Day

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16 Things I’m Learning About Racing As A Mom

While my achy post-10k legs are propped up and the kids are down for quiet time, here are my thoughts: Just because I’m not overtraining in my running doesn’t mean I’m not overtraining. Virtual races are wonderful, and sometimes necessary. But there’s nothing like the people, the energy, shoot, even the Porta-Potty lines of an… Continue reading 16 Things I’m Learning About Racing As A Mom

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Cracked Eggs

The other morning my 3-year-old was helping me make breakfast. She rapped an egg on the counter, but instead of producing the desired crack in the shell, the egg went splat. Whoopsie. I said “Caroline” with thinly veiled annoyance, then stopped myself. Yes, the small mess required clean-up, but the child is brand-new to kitcheneering… Continue reading Cracked Eggs

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Grain silosMonumental, immovable, concrete patron saints,Anchors of the horizonEqualed only by the anchors in the depths of the harbor.Your waters, bearing canoes, tug boats, Navy ships, freighters;Your earth, bearing steel, iron, the sweat of freshly-forged Americans undaunted by a little toil;Your air, bearing industrial dust, grainy grit, the warm aroma of cereal, at once hard… Continue reading Buffalo

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Take Your Time

This time of year, the mercury too is working on its fitness,Rising but unable to push beyond a temperature that happens to be perfect. So we go outsideMy hair damp from a luxurious mid-day shower,My legs still effervescent-veined from their run,My daughters aglow with anticipation and sunscreen,My husband cheerful.I sit on the curb and watch… Continue reading Take Your Time