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Running in the Cold: It’s Not All Bad, I Swear

Unless you live in tropical climates, your exercise options these days are as follows: Skip it! There are cookies to be devoured and shopping to be done. Shopping counts as cardio, and stirring cookie dough makes for a passable upper-body workout. Do it indoors at a gym or yoga studio, accepting the crowds who want… Continue reading Running in the Cold: It’s Not All Bad, I Swear

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Time to Break Out the Comforters

That time is upon us, folks. On Sunday, we turn our clocks back (especially important to note if you’re running a certain 26.2-mile footrace in New York). Tuesday is, of course, Election Day. And as of November 1, there are radio stations playing…yes…24/7 Christmas music. While I love (LOVE) the idea, the dream, of putting… Continue reading Time to Break Out the Comforters

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Sometimes the Best Part of Hunting Season is Not Hunting

Yes, hunting trips can be fun, and are an effective means to a good, thorough mood cleanse, as I’ve noted. But other times? Other times, I just want to…not go. Because, folks, as much as I love the great outdoors and hanging out with my super-cool husband, being able to sleep in past 5:30 is… Continue reading Sometimes the Best Part of Hunting Season is Not Hunting

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The Time I Saw Ballooning’s Nylon Ceiling Rip Wide Open

I used to participate on my friend Charity’s hot air balloon crew much more often. Now, for various reasons, I only do it during Balloon Fiesta. I’m just not willing to let go completely — there are too many memories and too many good people involved. When I do get out to crew, I’m reminded… Continue reading The Time I Saw Ballooning’s Nylon Ceiling Rip Wide Open

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Fixing the Inside with the Outside

  I had no intention of going hunting with Robin Hood last weekend, but circumstances changed and there we were, driving towards the Gila National Forest on Friday night. Gear was stacked in the back of the truck with a strategy to rival that of a Tetris tower. Ann was curled up on a blanket, and… Continue reading Fixing the Inside with the Outside

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When Doves Hide

We left Saturday afternoon and drove towards Socorro. In the truck we had packed an assortment of clothes, sleeping gear, plentiful water, a large cooler’s worth of sandwiches and snacks, and two shotguns. We were ready for dove hunting. This hunt wasn’t in the wilderness of northern New Mexico among tall pines and reassuring streams,… Continue reading When Doves Hide

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Bachelorette Party + Yoga + Dinosaurs = Yes, Please.

It was one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever been to. A dozen or so of us sweated in the warmth of an Arizona August morning and worked through poses as patiently guided by the instructor. Many of us had barely known each other 24 hours earlier, but by the time the yoga class… Continue reading Bachelorette Party + Yoga + Dinosaurs = Yes, Please.

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Swifter, Higher, Stronger

Our relationship with the Olympics has gotten complicated. Millions of people will watch the Opening Ceremonies in Rio de Janeiro tonight, but how many people will be whole-heartedly, unabashedly excited? With more and more tough-love scrutiny (read this and this), not to mention the banning of over half of the Russian team due to doping,… Continue reading Swifter, Higher, Stronger

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Finding Beauty: the Los Poblanos Lavender Festival

Forget frying an egg. Saturday was hot enough that you could have made a whole stinkin’ frittata on the sidewalk. Conditions were sublime for a trip to the beach, running through sprinklers, or just sitting in rapt stillness in an air-conditioned room. What did my husband and I do? We ignored all that sensible noise,… Continue reading Finding Beauty: the Los Poblanos Lavender Festival

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And the World Will Know…We’ve Been Married for a Year!

Robin Hood and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last weekend! I’ll get to the mushy stuff in a bit, but first the fun part. As you probably gathered from last week’s post, my husband and I take our celebrating seriously. This most definitely applies to anniversaries. First, we went to get massages. Roll your… Continue reading And the World Will Know…We’ve Been Married for a Year!

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Recurve My Heart: The SCBA Traditional Archery Shoot

I hadn’t picked up my bow, much less participated in a competitive archery shoot, in a year and a half. So going into the Sandia Crest Bowhunters Association’s annual traditional shoot, my expectations for myself weren’t high. I figured my main goal would just be to have fun and enjoy a Saturday in the East… Continue reading Recurve My Heart: The SCBA Traditional Archery Shoot

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The Secret to Climbing Hills? Just Keep Moving.

I’m getting to know my new neighborhood.  It has friendly people, tall trees, at least two coyotes, and…hills. Lots of them. You can’t hardly walk half a mile without sloping downwards or upwards. I like it, though. Living with hills teaches you things. I’ve been toddling through a particularly…robust season, on all fronts: home, work,… Continue reading The Secret to Climbing Hills? Just Keep Moving.

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The Emotional Roller Coaster Known as Moving

I thought I had lost my running shoes. Days of planning, packing, unpacking, packing more, coordinating, frustrations, victories…and now this? It was a low point in the moving process. Thankfully, my concern – ok, mild panic – only lasted about 24 hours. I found the shoes, and all, for the moment, was well. And yes,… Continue reading The Emotional Roller Coaster Known as Moving

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Hey, We’re Homeowners!

We bought a house. It’s ours! We closed on it yesterday. Now for a luxuriously long exhale…ahhhhhhhhhh. Or maybe more like “ooooffff.” “Relief” hardly begins to describe it. This is the culmination of a process that started almost four months ago, and I haven’t discussed it much here due to superstitious fear that something would… Continue reading Hey, We’re Homeowners!

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Motivation and the Long Arm of the Boston Marathon

Today I went for my first run in over a week. Why the hiatus? Well, let’s just say it involved a nice phlegmy cough that left me with energy for little more than slumping on the couch and finally learning the appeal of watching Netflix for hours. Speaking of Netflix, if you haven’t yet watched… Continue reading Motivation and the Long Arm of the Boston Marathon

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Running Sunflower is THIS Many!

Five. Five! Five years ago I claimed my own tiny corner of the Internet and started this blog. My first post looked like this: No, I don’t still have those purple shoes.  Yes, I still inhale every new pair. If Running Sunflower were a child, I would be sending it toddling off to kindergarten… Continue reading Running Sunflower is THIS Many!

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Lessons From a Blustery Day

In Albuquerque, you know it’s truly springtime when there are blossoms all over…the ground. The wind. The wind has arrived. I don’t mean a brisk, refreshing breeze. This is the kind of wind that is the very definition of “blustery.” It whips blossoms off trees, it knocks over trash cans like they were toys, and… Continue reading Lessons From a Blustery Day

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On Spring and First Loves

  The trees in my neighborhood are blossoming! Birds are twittering non-stop (without needing any hashtags, thank you very much) and warm weather has dog-walkers, cyclists, runners, and other outdoor-minded citizens popping up like weeds. Spring may not officially be here, but she’s peering around the corner pretty indiscreetly. Tennyson wrote, “In the Spring a… Continue reading On Spring and First Loves