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The Fifth Day

People associate emotional healing with bad experiences. It turns out, though, that the positives can require recovery, too. The accomplishment of something enormous, or the overwhelming relief and gratitude of a spiritual tank refill — not just a pitcher, a TANK — are like beautiful, indelible tattoos. The experience initially brings excitement, joy, but then:… Continue reading The Fifth Day

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16 Things I’m Learning About Racing As A Mom

While my achy post-10k legs are propped up and the kids are down for quiet time, here are my thoughts: Just because I’m not overtraining in my running doesn’t mean I’m not overtraining. Virtual races are wonderful, and sometimes necessary. But there’s nothing like the people, the energy, shoot, even the Porta-Potty lines of an… Continue reading 16 Things I’m Learning About Racing As A Mom

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Cracked Eggs

The other morning my 3-year-old was helping me make breakfast. She rapped an egg on the counter, but instead of producing the desired crack in the shell, the egg went splat. Whoopsie. I said “Caroline” with thinly veiled annoyance, then stopped myself. Yes, the small mess required clean-up, but the child is brand-new to kitcheneering… Continue reading Cracked Eggs

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Grain silosMonumental, immovable, concrete patron saints,Anchors of the horizonEqualed only by the anchors in the depths of the harbor.Your waters, bearing canoes, tug boats, Navy ships, freighters;Your earth, bearing steel, iron, the sweat of freshly-forged Americans undaunted by a little toil;Your air, bearing industrial dust, grainy grit, the warm aroma of cereal, at once hard… Continue reading Buffalo

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Take Your Time

This time of year, the mercury too is working on its fitness,Rising but unable to push beyond a temperature that happens to be perfect. So we go outsideMy hair damp from a luxurious mid-day shower,My legs still effervescent-veined from their run,My daughters aglow with anticipation and sunscreen,My husband cheerful.I sit on the curb and watch… Continue reading Take Your Time

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At Least We Still Have Coffee

Hi everyone. Are you all doing okay? These are unquestionably bizarre times. Schools have closed, libraries have closed, toilet paper is becoming more valuable than water, and I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a little…bewildered. How do we ensure the health of ourselves and our families? How long will this last? What… Continue reading At Least We Still Have Coffee

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That 20-Mile Feeling, and Dealing With It

Ask any marathoner and they could probably describe the 20-mile feeling. At its worst, it’s called the Wall, or bonking. At its best, it’s called…running a marathon. No matter its strength, it’s often characterized by feeling depleted, detached, and demoralized, with a ferociously strong desire to offer up your favorite dismissive profanity, toddle yourself over… Continue reading That 20-Mile Feeling, and Dealing With It

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We’ve Made It!

The season, she’s-a finally changing. Summer’s still fighting, but the momentum has unquestionably shifted. I felt it this morning when I was walking around the neighborhood, noting that tomorrow I may actually (gasp!) wear capris instead of shorts. It’s more momentous than it sounds. I felt it when I took Caroline to the playground and… Continue reading We’ve Made It!

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A Great Runner and a Little Neighborhood History

In a few years, Caroline and her little sister (oh yeah, hey, we’re having another girl!) will attend John Baker Elementary School. Until recently, I had no idea who John Baker was, and didn’t much care. Probably some local public servant, maybe politician, pillar of the community, yawn. The school is supposedly a good one,… Continue reading A Great Runner and a Little Neighborhood History

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Morning in the Valley of the Sun

Shhhh. It’s a hair after 6 a.m. and I’ve just gotten back from my run. I’m in Scottsdale, Arizona with the family, visiting friends, hence the early hour. Wait for the sun to rise fully before starting an outside workout around here and…. sizzlefrysizzlefrysizzlefry. It’s not pretty. But now? Now is good. Now I feel… Continue reading Morning in the Valley of the Sun