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The Shorts Mentality

The other day, I asked my four-year-old what made her happy. She promptly replied, “Shorts.”

That wasn’t the answer I was expecting, but it made me smile, then laugh. I knew exactly what she meant.

Shorts aren’t just an article of clothing, they’re a whole mentality. Shorts mean relaxation. They mean freedom. They mean movement. They mean possibilities.

Folks most often wear shorts in summer, for practical purposes of comfort during the hot months, yes, but also because summer is the season of vacations. Slowing down. Going casual. Skipping the fancy restaurant because Naaaaahhhh we don’t feel like changing. Splashing shins, laughing, turning dress-down Fridays into dress-down weeks. Choosing to explore this idea of “going with the flow.” This is the way of the shorts.

Shorts = relaxation.

There’s also an undeniable freedom that comes with shorts. When I don the year’s first pair of shorts, whether it’s for a run or a preschool pick-up, I can practically hear my legs singing. The confinement of jeans? Gone! The compression of tights? Buh-bye! Shorts are sunshine and fresh air and scrapes and bug bites and adventure. Shorts are liberation from the office, the classroom, the rules, the expectations. They are, oh yes, sassy.

Shorts unleash our circulatory system. They unleash our pores. They unleash us.

Shorts = freedom.

And does anyone else feel like they can just…do more stuff in shorts? As a mom trying to keep up with two small children who display growing interests in running, climbing, and jumping, I need to be able to MOVE. I need to, with a split second’s notice, be a spotter, run a spontaneous race, catch, grab, and haul an ornery child, scale a playground jungle gym — and on and on. These are not as easy in pants, stretchy or not. Plus, honestly? Is there any parent who isn’t more fun in shorts?

In running, too, shorts are my favorite. I feel like I can run faster in shorts. My stride is longer. My knees pump higher. My legs feel healthier, stronger, and happier. When I run in shorts, I may have the “My Little Pony” theme song in my head, but by golly I am an athlete!

Here’s the thing. No matter the circumstance, shorts say: You know what? I’m gonna give it a shot!

Shorts = movement. Shorts = possibilities.

Shorts = slow down, or speed up, or dance, or jump in the water, or do whatever we want, because we can.

Happy shorts season, everyone!

5 thoughts on “The Shorts Mentality

  1. Running shorts can be hard to find sometimes though
    The chafing is real!
    I like rockwear because they have pockets
    But I’ve tried runfaster gear
    And others I hear prefer abiandjoseph

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