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Flower Moon

I considered skipping the early-morning run, or at least deferring it to give my legs an extra hour of respite. It was Sunday, after all — no need to hustle out and back, no need to pay much heed to the kids’ wake-ups or the husband’s work schedule.

But no, I felt a nudge, a prodding that reminded me that nothing lifts my morning brain fog like a run. And on weekend mornings, let’s be honest, that fog needs to dissipate as quickly as possible.

So I got myself out the door — any other early runners ever struggle to recall the exact events between climbing out of bed and closing the door behind them? — and started to trot. Down the street, coaxing my feet along, around the corner, and…

There it was. Bold as a… bold as a… well, bold as itself: the flower moon, the May full moon. An enormous laden disc, the color of ripe cantaloupe, or those pinkish-orange roses that always make me think of sherbet.

That time of morning, this time of year, the moon sunk luxuriantly but purposefully, as though into a bubble bath. My shoes hadn’t trod a full mile before it disappeared from view.

I was glad I had gotten out for the run, and thought of a friend’s recent remark, how my early runs must be so peaceful. I spent the rest of the run trying to breathe deeper, open my eyes more, and notice the soft details of a world rubbing its eyes, stretching, and unfurling a fresh day.

I noticed Venus and Jupiter, twinkling like bright beacons in the Eastern sky.

I noticed that same sky sliding from black to pearly gray to palest blue.

I noticed a gently-illuminated motorcyclist’s memorial beside the road.

I noticed robins hopping, as cheerful in their morning hunt as any predator I’ve ever seen.

I noticed the fragrance of wisteria yielding graciously to heady young Spanish broom blossoms.

I noticed an American flag, utterly still, lending a deferential air to the day’s first blush and frankly a marvel to see. This especially windy spring has not granted flags much slumber.

I noticed the satisfied feeling in my legs when I returned home.

Peaceful, these creaky morning runs?

Why yes, it turns out, they are.

2 thoughts on “Flower Moon

  1. sounds like my morning….after a long week+ I woke up feeling so sore….hit the gym, was going work on everything else but the legs, but what the heck, squats and leg presses felt okay….and then, let’s run and go exploring…..felt okay afterwards….and good now

  2. So glad to see that you are noticing and enjoying the beauty of each day! Life is short and we have to appreciate each day. Good for you!

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