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16 Things I’m Learning About Racing As A Mom

While my achy post-10k legs are propped up and the kids are down for quiet time, here are my thoughts:

  • Just because I’m not overtraining in my running doesn’t mean I’m not overtraining.
  • Virtual races are wonderful, and sometimes necessary. But there’s nothing like the people, the energy, shoot, even the Porta-Potty lines of an in-person event.
  • The energy that kids siphon out of you on race morning will come back, more or less in full, when you see and hear your little cheering squad on the sidelines.
  • There’s no such thing as too much cowbell.
  • …As long as that cowbell stays outside.
  • Racing in full sunshine after training in pre-dawn darkness is 40% lovely and 60% a tad annoying.
  • It gets easier and more important to say thanks to at least one volunteer out on the course.
  • Same goes for thanking and complimenting the race director. (Thanks RunFit!)
  • Stepping OFF the Comparison Carousel when it comes to your fitness is hard, relentless work, but absolutely worth the effort.
  • It is possible, after all, to go 50+ minutes without a visit to the bathroom (kudos, pelvic floor!).
  • Every mother needs an activity in which she’s not nurturing, placating, or forcing herself to be gentle. Running, especially racing, is fantastic for this.
  • Bring your kids to your races. They need to see this side of you.
  • No matter what else changes, an age group win still feels pretty great.
  • The kids no longer giving a hoot about your race 40 seconds after it happens is…mehhh….okay, yes, that’s pretty great, too.
  • More races should include a glass of wine at the finish.
  • Partners who artfully display a medal so you don’t forget your accomplishment are THE BEST. Thank you, Robin Hood!

Racing as a mom is different, and challenging, and full of un-learning and re-learning all kinds of things. But it’s good. It is good.

One thought on “16 Things I’m Learning About Racing As A Mom

  1. I resumed running eleven months ago and have reached the point where I’m thinking about running in races again, albeit as a grandfather now. Taking your children to races is a great idea. Although it was not always feasible for me when a single father, hopefully I can get the grandkids (and my children) to see me run in a race or two. Thanks for the encouraging post. Hang in there and keep cherishing the support from your spouse and children!

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