Feeling Like It

Because sometimes you just feel like it. Sometimes you just feel like making a chocolate cake on a Thursday afternoon. Sometimes you just feel like accelerating up a hill during an otherwise mundane run. Or dancing to loud music in your kitchen at 8 am. Or getting a tattoo.

Sometimes you just feel like it.

Maybe that’s why I signed up for two races, two virtual 5Ks, on back-to-back weekends.

I can’t remember the last time I signed up for a race. A year ago, maybe, not counting those monthly Strava challenges? Yeesh.

I’ve been a runner for more than 25 years. It took me a while to realize this, but I start to itch when I go too long without jabbing safety pins through a shirt to affix a race bib. There’s something about doing that, pinning that number on, that elevates a run from a “hard effort” or “time trial” or even “solo race” to something…heightened. Something that stirs up butterflies in my belly, something that makes my blood fizzy.

I felt like it. I felt like grabbing for that feeling.

I also felt like supporting a really, really good organization, &mother — that was the first of these races I signed up for. The mom forward 5K is on Mother’s Day, and maybe a couple decades into motherhood I’ll lose my soft spot for special events on that day, but it hasn’t happened yet, and I’d like to think it never will.

So I got excited, entering that race.

Then I kept getting emails and seeing advertisements for the Run for the Zoo, Albuquerque’s biggest running event. It’s such a good race! And it’s one of my favorite causes to support! And they were so persistent, dang it!

So I signed up for that one, too. I felt like it. I felt like putting my money where my mouth and heart are. I felt like being bold.

I’m inspired by people like Stephanie Bruce, a professional runner-mom who recently took a swing, in her words, and did phenomenally. She won a half-marathon, picked up a fresh shiny PR, and set a state record for the distance.

I’m inspired by the approach of my 40th birthday, and to not go gently into anything, thank you very much.

I’m inspired by my daughters, and springtime, and by my inner jaguar, who occasionally wants to leap with lethal roaring precision through the air.

I’m inspired.

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