motherhood · Running

Run, Unexpected

Okay, so you only napped for an hour
And I didn’t get to watch as much “Grey’s Anatomy” as I wanted.
I heave a sigh and roll my eyes
But then those eyes slide toward the window
And I smile in spite of myself
Because it’s springtime!
And the afternoon winds haven’t fully descended yet!
And I opted to rest instead of rising to run in the dark this morning and...
And redemption
And sunshine
And it turns out I get to go running today.
I lift you out of your crib;
You toddle-patrol around the house as I change into running clothes — oh God, short sleeves!!
I double-check your layering, then settle you in the stroller with a snack and a toy, buckle you in, and we’re go for launch.
You like stroller rides —
Thank you, thank you, thank you for liking stroller rides.
We trundle along, you placid, me a bit catawampus with the extra weight, the added challenge,
But it’s heavenly
We’re a unit
How are you 16 months old already?
We complete 5 kilometers,
a stroller-run record for me.
I’m panting but smiling at the end while you nonchalantly munch away,
It’s lovely the way only an unexpected gift can be.
Thank you for this.

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