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We planted a tree on the first day of spring, a dwarf spruce. Hardly a complicated act, once we got past deciding where exactly in the backyard it would go, but it felt good. It felt good to do something, concretely, physically do something, so optimistic. Kind of like signing up for a future race when your fitness isn’t quite there yet, or saying Yes to a job in a town where you don’t know anyone. It feels brazen. Reckless, even. We talk about having faith and hope and confidence, but to actually act on that? Invest yourself? Not only that, but make your intentions known to others? Easy there, cowgirl!

But I want to do more things like this. Say more things like this. Maybe this will result in lots of failures and disappointments and polite smiles, maybe this will result in sounding silly or awkward or ignorant, maybe this will result in heartbreak. But it’s important, isn’t it? To cultivate real faith and boldness and resilience in ourselves, to encourage those things in those around us, and to plant and nurture them in our children?

We’re great at inspirational tweets and memes (and, *wince*, blog posts), but what about what we actually do?

Personally, I’ve got work to do here. I want to step out in faith more. I want to celebrate victories unabashedly and recover from the inevitable tumbles as quickly and effortlessly as my 16-month-old does when she’s toddling along the sidewalk. I want to instill in my daughters— and show them — the truth that hope isn’t merely a thing to feel or a thing to say, but a thing to do.

I want to plant more.

“Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.” -James 2:18

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