Albuquerque · motherhood · Running · Spring

Take Your Time

This time of year, the mercury too is working on its fitness,
Rising but unable to push beyond a temperature that happens to be perfect.
So we go outside
My hair damp from a luxurious mid-day shower,
My legs still effervescent-veined from their run,
My daughters aglow with anticipation and sunscreen,
My husband cheerful.
I sit on the curb and watch them all play
I savor the sun, its warmth a whisper of springtime.
I’m ready —
Ready for the tree next door to blossom,
Ready for long golden afternoons,
Ready for renewal.
But I watch them play,
Listen to my oldest shriek with delight,
Listen to my youngest crow as she struts, realizing her own power,
Run my fingers through toddler hair matted with sweat and dust and SPF 50.
I look at the tree next door -
No blossoms yet -
And think
Take your time.

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