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Prayer of the Mamarazzi

Dear God,

My daughters are three years old and 15 months old. I love taking pictures of them. It’s vexing, though — they’re at the stage of nonstop play and exploration. It’s difficult to get them to be still for two seconds, let alone look at the camera (cough, phone), let alone smile. I find myself rolling my eyes, shaking my head, and saying “Okay, that’ll do.” Most of the pictures I post on Instagram are a little blurry. Or a lot blurry. I’m not sure if this is empowerment or merely resignation.

Dear God, let this stage last as long as possible.

Let years, many years go by before my daughters master the art of plastering a fake, pleasing smile on their face. Of sucking in their tummies. Of believing they have a “good” side. Of thinking that the key to a beautiful picture is the “right” look, the “right” mode, or the “right” filter.

Let it be years. Let it even be never.

Let them be surrounded by like-minded people. Help me to be the kind of mother who reflects the right, really right, kind of image. Help me learn, embrace, and teach that those imperfect pictures, those blurry pictures, the ones that capture movement, vitality, fun, excitement, effort, joy, the utter transcendence of a person in the middle of doing something they love — those are the best. Those are the ones worth saving and sharing.

Thank You, God, for the blurs.


6 thoughts on “Prayer of the Mamarazzi

  1. A wise old professor friend once said, “Your best picture may not be your sharpest picture.” That said, try this. I assume you’re using your phone. Hold it horizontally. Your daughters will do whatever they want. When they pass by you, pan the phone with them.They still might not be sharp, but you’ll have some very cool motion.

    One more thing. An editor once said to me, “Perfection is for angels. Know any?”

  2. Shannon, you are inspired – and inspiring!! This is such a beautiful post! Thank you!

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  3. Love the impromptu pictures the best. Be glad it’s not like the old days when you had to pay for every picture to be developed.

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