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“Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?”

– Marv Levy, Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach

Everywhere we hear this, everywhere we see this: 2020 is the worst. This year keeps getting worse and worse. Let’s just write 2020 off entirely.

It would seem that this year has been one long trench, and we’re all in it.

Yes. And that’s the key: we’re all in it.


The way to get out of a trench is not to simply sit in the mud. It’s not to shovel ourselves deeper down, and it’s not to drag others down.

The way out is to take the mud that we’re all dealing with and turn it into something good. Something useful. Something that those next to us in the trench can see and be inspired by.

It’s not easy, or quick. To quote The Princess Bride, “anyone who says differently is selling something.” Few people can leap out of a trench in a single bound. It takes effort, failures, lessons learned, failures, getting dirty, and more failures.

It could be seen as drudgery, if we let it. It could be seen as not worth it, if we let it.

But what if we don’t let it?

What if, instead of focusing on the mud, on the dark, dank, seemingly hopeless mess of it all, we look UP? At the sky? At the light? Even into the faces of those next to us, who despite the pervasive muck of the trench, are still human?

What if we locked eyes with those other humans and said, “Together we’re going to get out of this. We’re going to take this mud and sculpt it into a work of beauty. Many works of beauty. We’ll sculpt a set of stairs to carry us right out of this trench. We can and will do it. People years from now will study us and say ‘Look — they were faltering, but pulled together. What could have been an irredeemable catastrophe was transformed into their shining moment, their forging, their metamorphosis.’”

What if?

What if we enter this last leg of 2020 not sputtering, but roaring?

What if we stop festering and start growing?

What if we stop dragging and start lifting?

What if we focus on the light?

What if, when others say that 2020 is the worst year ever, we respond, with conviction:

I dissent.

Photo Credit: Adam Sapp

Rest In Peace, Justice Ginsburg.

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