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At Least We Still Have Coffee

Hi everyone. Are you all doing okay?

These are unquestionably bizarre times. Schools have closed, libraries have closed, toilet paper is becoming more valuable than water, and I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a little…bewildered. How do we ensure the health of ourselves and our families? How long will this last? What on earth do we do with ourselves?

Meanwhile, outside, Spring is shaking out her wings. Trees on our street have begun to blossom, the sky is blue, and this afternoon my neighbors and I stood in our cul-de-sac chatting while our kids played. Just another beautiful Saturday afternoon.

It’s weird.

I don’t know about you, but I keep going back and forth between wanting to hunker down at home and wanting to bolt out of our house into the fresh air, sunshine, and life. I don’t necessarily mind it. In the morning I cook breakfast — biscuits, eggs, waffles, whatever I feel like — and it makes me feel at once grounded and creative. Not to mention it makes me feel somewhat useful: Hey look, I’m good in a crisis, I can bake stuff!!

But later, once the morning dust has settled, when at least one of the kids is down for a nap, I get out. Because that’s also good in a crisis, right? Not just being useful and comforting, but knowing the mental and physical value of getting…OUT.

I put on my running clothes (including shorts today!!) and trot out, and immediately it feels like the world is still the same, at least along my routes. There’s still traffic. There’s still a mix of people who smile and wave and people who don’t. Hills are still challenging. It still feels good to finish after pushing up the home stretch.

I know there are lots of runners out there adjusting to postponed or canceled races, and that’s rotten, even if, yes, it’s for the good of everyone. If you’re one of those runners, you have my sympathy.

But at least the act of running hasn’t changed. I’m thankful for that.

Wishing you all health, Spring blossoms, and at least one anchor of normalcy in your life this week.

Time to go wash my hands again.

2 thoughts on “At Least We Still Have Coffee

  1. Yeah girl, same thing here just outside Chicago. My running club’s next two circuit races (a half marathon tomorrow and the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k next Sunday) are both cancelled along with the Illinois Marathon down in Champaign/Urbana that some people have trained for. Everybody’s bummed about that. Some of us are having our own races. One guy is doing a 10 miler tomorrow in a forest preserve and another guy with his two grown sons are doing their own 8k next Sunday, as am I. There’s a grade school about 2.5 miles from home that I often run to and back when I want to do a 5 miler, so I’ll dress in green and call that my own private shamrock shuffle. Thank God all we need for our sport is a road and two feet! No quarantining that! 🙂

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