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Good Day

First of all, thank you for the words of encouragement after my last post…I love the mom community, and the support means a lot.

You know how, when you sign up for a major race, you’re excited and confident? Then you start really getting into the training and that confidence crumbles in a ruthless landslide…but then, at precisely the crucial moment, you have one good workout that plucks you right from the brink?

That’s also life with a new baby. Today, thankfully, is a “good workout” kind of day.

Our Christmas was simple and exactly what we needed. Robin Hood’s parents were here visiting from Baton Rouge, and it’s always wonderful having them around. We relaxed, we opened gifts, we ate well (Robin Hood made Elk Wellington for Christmas dinner, and our friend Charity made chocolate puff balls for dessert, and I’m drooling just remembering it), and enjoyed each other’s company. Robin Hood and I even got to have a couple of dates this week, which felt surreal and glorious.

Now it’s just the four of us again (five including our hound dog) and back into the fray we go… but!

  • Robin Hood ran errands this morning and while he was gone, Laura napped and Caroline played by herself, leaving me a good 15 minutes or so to tidy up the kitchen! MIRACLE, and big confidence booster for me as I face Robin Hood’s imminent return to work. I had to take a picture of the empty sink to prove to myself that it actually happened.

  • We made our first family-of-four trip to the grocery store, with no notable crises. Baby Laura accepted attention from fans with admirable glazed-eyed grace.
  • It snowed today! This is the third time (at least) we’ve seen the white stuff since Laura’s birth. I’m going to start calling her Snow Baby.
  • I realized how close I am to running again! It’ll be a logistical challenge, but somehow I’ll get back out there. And that too will help.

I know I still have a long road ahead in adjusting to this new two-babied life, and Lord knows how I’ll feel tomorrow…or an hour from now… but right now, I feel good, and it feels good to share it.

Hope you’re able to enjoy whatever kind of weather you’re in, and Happy New Year!

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