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Classic Fall

Can we take a minute to look around and take in all that is going on right now?

It’s the last weekend of October. On a local level, Albuquerque-area folks, it’s the last opportunity of the year to visit McCall’s Pumpkin Patch. Whether or not you have kids, if you’ve never been, GO. It’s magnificent.

Not so locally, we are in the midst of the World Series! And who should be a contender this year but the team from my home metropolis: the Nationals! Full disclosure, D.C. didn’t get their team until after I’d moved away, and I’ve since adopted the Rockies as “my” team. But shoot if I’m not going to support these guys.

Spicing it up is the fact that this would be the Nats’ first Championship. Also, I don’t particularly want my second child’s first outfit to be an Astros onesie — I have a little wager going with an expectant Houston native. We’ll see. Honestly, though, all of the Astros fans I know seem to be really decent people, so let’s just root for an exciting Series, shall we?

Speaking of sports, the New York City Marathon is next weekend! Any of you running it? If so, best of luck and have all the fun. Eat delicious food, see the sights — I’d say see a show, but what is the NYC Marathon if not one heck of a show?

And speaking of marathons, especially New York, the phenomenal woman who won it two years ago has retired from professional racing. Here is one of the best articles I’ve seen so far about Shalane Flanagan. We need more like her, and from my perspective, thankfully it seems that we’re getting more like her.

What else is happening? Next weekend is turn-clocks-back time (in the U.S. anyway) and frankly…I’m not looking forward to less daylight. I almost feel like I need to start a training plan to adjust to earlier darkness better. Right now all I have is “go around the house and turn on a bunch of lights.” Any suggestions?

And finally, Halloween! Yes, I have a costume for Caroline, and for myself (er, assuming it fits over my belly, and that’s a big assumption). I may even convince Robin Hood to dress up. I’ll post a picture when the time comes. This year, Caroline will actually be able to walk (!) with a little candy collection bag (!) and collect treats for her mom I mean herself (!). Haha. Truth: we have about five neighbors’ houses that we’ll probably visit. And I’ll let the toddler have a couple pieces of candy. She may be little, but she knows a treat when she sees one.

Wishing all of you a happy end of October!

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