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We’ve Made It!

The season, she’s-a finally changing. Summer’s still fighting, but the momentum has unquestionably shifted.

I felt it this morning when I was walking around the neighborhood, noting that tomorrow I may actually (gasp!) wear capris instead of shorts. It’s more momentous than it sounds.

I felt it when I took Caroline to the playground and we left when it was time to go, not when Mama got sick of baking in the heat.

But mainly it’s plainly and simply in the air. Balloon Fiesta is a week away! I’ve spied some bold leaves that have already changed colors! The smell of roasting chiles has begun to waft around town! There are pumpkin-spiced dog treats, for crying out loud!

Can you tell I’m excited? Even this baby that I’m carrying around inside me seems into it, increasing her activity and aiming lower, as though she’s thinking “Hmmm, maybe if I arrive early I’ll get apple pie?” [My answer: baby girl, that’s a hard no].

I know lots of you are excited, too. How many of you have a big October or early November race right around the corner? Hopefully, lots and lots of you. I fully admit to getting a contact high from all the taper energy floating around right now. Every time I see a runner these days, I think to myself What is he or she training for? I cheer inwardly, and suppress the urge to check the weather forecast for all major cities.

The afternoons still get warm. We haven’t turned our heater on, and hopefully won’t need to for a while. But the shift has started. We’ve crested Heartbreak Hill. I have a single-digit number of weeks until Baby #2 enters the world. Robin Hood has one big hunt left for this year. I’m researching apple pie recipes. The crisp air is calling.

Autumn has come, and I sing Hallelujah.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Made It!

  1. Autumn is such a a love/hate season for me! I’m SO glad the awful heat of the summer is gone and I don’t half-die when I run at midday. But here near Chicago it means icy shards of winter are waiting in the wings. We’ll enjoy it all though! 🙂

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