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Hop, Skip, Jump

This morning as I was putting Caroline down for a nap, I suddenly realized she was staring at me like she was trying very, very hard to communicate something. I stared back, just smitten. It was a nice little moment, and it made me want to pause and write some words, so I’m even more thankful for it.

Last weekend I ran my first 5k of the year (this one) and had a lot of fun. Robin Hood and Caroline came out to cheer, and Charity was there with her support crew — it was a regular party! I loved the course: flat, with a lot of running on more-or-less level dirt. And maybe it was running on soft surfaces or the little thrill of wearing a number on my shirt again, but I ran faster than I thought I would and snagged the age-group win!

Way more impressive, though, is that during the race, Caroline learned how to ring a cowbell!! Now THAT, my friends, is a support crew. Schlepping and cheering AND teaching my daughter an important life skill? Above and beyond.

After the race, we all went out for a huge, marvelous brunch, and after THAT, Robin Hood and I hustled over to a shooting range, where we had an appointment to requalify for our concealed-carry permits. We both passed without a problem, taking turns hanging out with Caroline in the car. Thankfully she stayed relatively content exploring the backseat and watching the snow (!!!) fall outside. I suppose I should be grateful for the snow and its entertainment value. I suppose.

Fast-forward into a topsy-turvy week. Caroline got sick (fever one night; vomiting like a champ all over her mama the next; sleep, thank God, the next). The arch of my right foot got very angry at me; rest seems to be taking care of it but a new pair of shoes is in order. Rookie mistake. Always stay on top of your running shoe game!

We are better now. Today is the 6th anniversary of my first date with Robin Hood — we both believe it’s still worth celebrating, because it’s still love, and love is always worth celebrating.

And it’s almost Easter! Talk about the ultimate day to exhale, to feel joy and relief and triumph and love beyond all imagination. It’s as refreshing for the soul as the year’s first race is for our legs.

So bring on spring winds, allergies, viruses, aching feet, and indecisive weather. This is a glorious time of year.

Happy Easter!

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