empowerment · motherhood · Running

Your Legs

Now you’re beginning to see

Their strength, their purpose,

Their possibilities.

Walking, running, dancing, skipping, jumping.

Moving, resting.

They’ll only get stronger.

Who knows the miles they’ll cover,

The scratches and scars, the muscles and lines,

The dimples, bumps, and bruises

Which will become their story, their song.

They’ll only get stronger.

You’ll fall, you’ll get back up,

You’ll move forward, you’ll pause,

Don’t worry.

Your legs will support you,

They’ll ground you and lift you,

They’ll kick and carry,

They’ll transport you.

You’ll learn that you can speak with your legs as well as your voice.

You’ll learn, I pray, that your legs, these beautiful, powerful marvels,

Are worthy of love.

And the best, most marvelous thing —

They’ll only get stronger.

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