faith · motherhood · Running · Spring · winter

That Feeling When…

When a new season is mere days away and the first brave trees are blossoming, testing the waters, and they’re so beautiful with their blossoms and their bravery that it makes you want to tuck your long running tights way back in the closet, except that it’s still low 30s in the mornings. But the feeling is in the air, a knowledge, that even though winter is still fighting, it’s past its prime, and spring, with its warmth and life, is ready and just waiting to make its decisive move. And you’ve felt the joys of winter, and the troughs of winter, and you’ve made peace with it and now you’re antsy and maybe even bouncing around a little. Similar to…

When you’re in the starting corral of a race, and maybe you’ve trained hard and well and want to prove yourself or you haven’t and hunger for the challenge. And you don’t care about your competition; your body is telling you that it’s time to move and push limits, stretch, test, but first you have to wait for the starter’s gun to go off, and it’s not quite time yet. Waiting. Waiting. Coiled nerves. Throat sore from swallowing excitement, terror, the primal force trying to come out. Anticipation. Kind of like…

When your baby is *this close* to walking on her own, not holding on to anyone or anything. When she pulls herself up to a stand unaided, and you can see the wheels turning, pistols firing, assessing, analyzing, so close. When, watching it all build, shift, build more, you don’t know whether to cry or throw up or just sit, breathless. When, by the grace of God, you can bring the bouncing to a halt for a second, look around you, and remember to be thankful…

When life is on the cusp. Because here you can see growth happening before your eyes. You can see blossoms opening. You can see miracles.

And that’s a glorious feeling.

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