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Flipping the Switch

You never know what’s going to flip that switch and shift you from sitting-there-revving-the-engines mode into step-on-the-gas mode.

For me, several things happened in quick succession.

I received my first-ever Garmin as a gift a couple of weeks ago. Yup, my first-EVER Garmin. I’ve shrugged off such technology in the past because frankly, I haven’t been interested. If I wanted to time myself, I’d wear an old-fashioned non-GPS running watch, inexpensive and simple. This method was fine; I was content. But then I got the Garmin, and…

It was love at first chirp.

I don’t have to estimate my mileage anymore! It counts my steps every day (although I do roll my eyes when I break 7,000 and it still insists, “Move!”). Perhaps most excitingly, it links to Strava, another bit of technology I used to shrug off. It turns out Strava is like being part of a virtual running club, and I really like it. Me, the solo runner who eschews gadgets and data analysis!

Ok, I still more or less ignore the data, but I like giving and receiving kudos for my runs. I like making routes and naming them and writing whatever kind of description, serious or goofy, that I feel like.

How long will my honeymoon with Garmin last? Don’t know and don’t care. It has me more excited about running than I’ve been in a while and that’s enough for me.

Another source of excitement: a new post-run snack!

First: I solemnly swear this is not a sponsored post in any way.

I’ve wanted to try Picky Bars for a LONG time now, but never did because of cost and until recently, their online-only accessibility. But they’re at REI now (and Trader Joe’s, I believe), so at the end of a particularly long day recently, sanity hanging by a thread, I packed up Caroline, drove to REI, bought seven or eight bars, and drove home. And I don’t regret it. I’m happy to be eating something delicious AND good for me, and supporting people who I admire like crazy. Admittedly, Picky Bars are expensive and I don’t see myself buying them every day, but I do strongly recommend them, and if you’ve never heard of them, check them out. And if you have a favorite post-run / mid-afternoon snack, please tell me!

Last but certainly not least, I’m starting a Bible study called “Live Beautifully” with a friend of mine. It focuses on the books of Ruth and Esther and although I’m looking forward to it, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone in a couple of ways with this. 1) I’ve never done a formal Bible study (complete with a book and weekly meetings at a church) and 2) It will involve leaving Caroline at the church’s childcare center. I’m a little nervous. But excited. And curious. And hopeful that my daughter doesn’t whack the other babies over the head.

Here’s to trying new things!

3 thoughts on “Flipping the Switch

  1. When you said you had a new favorite snack I thought it was going to be the peanut butter cups from the recipe in Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow! Lol! Because….well I can’t get enough of them. But Picky Bars are good too!! If you haven’t seen that cookbook, or the first one? It’s worth a look. It has given me so much more to work with and who isn’t inspired by Shalane?
    I don’t use tech, but maybe if I combine tech and peanut butter snacks I’d be onto something 🙂

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