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It’s been a rainy morning.

I haven’t run in a couple of days, because Caroline and I have our first mother-daughter cold. I’m trying to tell myself this is sweet, because it’s better than thinking about how I rapid-fire sneezed while trying to put her down for a nap, or how I caught her with the business end of a snot sucker in her mouth minutes after it was used.

Yes. It’s sweet.

Amidst the dampness and the snot sucking and the lack of running release, I’m trying to stay in the spirit of my last post and see all of this as an opportunity. I’m looking for the points of light.

This is one of my favorites:

I started getting into thru-hiking stories a couple of years ago, and even more so since becoming a mom. Reading about these enormous acts of endurance, and discovering new layers of one’s identity while other layers are sloughed off, resonates profoundly with me as a new mom. I dive into the stories, especially the ones by women, and relish every word, every lesson learned by the authors, every challenge they overcome, every truth and joy they find.

I don’t have a ton of reading time these days, although I have been known to delay a morning shower and sit in sweaty running clothes, coffee in one hand and book in the other, to read a few pages before the baby wakes up. It’s okay. Often I feel a little wave of joy just by knowing that stack of books is there. I wonder if Marie Kondo would count that as tidying up?

I’m thankful for those books. I’m thankful for the rain, because we always need it in the desert. I’m thankful for my family and home. I’m thankful that Caroline finally went down for a nap somewhat willingly. I’m keeping my eyes on the light. I’m making plans for next week, and I’m putting my running shoes back on as soon as possible.

January won’t keep us down!

One thought on “January

  1. I know a few people who do a lot of hiking and climbing and they talk about through hiking once in a while.
    An interesting and intriguing idea, but who has the time? If you wait until you retire you might not be able to do it physically.

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