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It’s That Time Again

Funny, the magic that encircles a new school year even if you don’t have kids in school.

Albuquerque students started back on Monday, and even though I won’t be shopping for school supplies for another few years, little things have happened over the past week that smack of optimism, exciting change, and goals for the future.

For one thing, our monsoon season is still alive and well (knocking on all the wood!), which means everywhere I look, things are green. Green and growing and healthy-looking. My lawn is saying, “Brown patches? What brown patches?” Living in the desert, seeing rain and the fruit it bears, it’s impossible not to feel reassured about life in general. Rain quenches parched spirits.

Something else that lifts my spirits? The fact that my running has gotten a lot more consistent. I’m running more days a week (I startled myself yesterday when I realized I had run eight days in a row — whoops!) and slooowly increasing distance. I have a 5k next month and I’m pretty excited — no, really excited — to see what I can do. And who knows? Maybe after that I’ll set my sights on a 10k.

I’m also finding that as I continue to reestablish my relationship with running, my appreciation for it just keeps growing. I’d forgotten the “fringe benefits” that running has. For instance, early morning runners/walkers/exercisers are the first to see the change of seasons — it’s already noticeably darker in the morning. And if you’re out there early? You feel like it’s just you in the world, and it feels clandestine, empowering, and awesome…yet at the same time, incredibly peaceful. It’s a fantastic way to start the day, and if my baby girl is already associating her mom with the smell of sweat and fresh air, I am 100% okay with that.

Speaking of Caroline, another good thing: she is finally (knocking on more wood, loads of it) coming off a LONG bender of not wanting to nap during the day. The difference between a day with naps and a day without, in terms of a mom’s mental health, is…almost comical. Let’s just say that during some of these monsoon rains, it felt like God was handing a direct gift to both the soil and me. It’s going to be okay.

As bolstering and promising for the future as rain and running and a sleeping baby are, they also keep pulling me back to the present. Monsoon season won’t last forever. As soon as my running shoes hit the laundry room floor, I put my mom/wife/housekeeper hat on. And Caroline does eventually wake up from her naps.

And that’s okay. As great as it is to bolster and quench and renew, what’s the good of doing all that if you’re not going to use and share whatever is being bolstered and quenched and renewed?

Happy New School Year, everyone. 😊


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