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No, Thank You

Lauren Fleshman (please look her up if you don’t know who she is — my admiration for her grows daily) recently shared a writing prompt called “No, Thank You” on social media. I loved the message and the idea and couldn’t resist putting pen to paper…but then I couldn’t stop and suddenly the length was a little ridiculous for Twitter.

Thus, this. Thank you Lauren for the inspiration!!

No thank you to passion always taking a back seat to practicality. No thank you to the phrase “I’m not a real runner.” Actually no thank you to the phrase “real runner” in any context. No thank you to shame. No thank you to the voice that says I’m not good enough. No thank you to claiming open-mindedness, but really meaning only towards those who already share your opinion. No thank you to worrying all the time. No thank you to one-upping. No thank you to invalidating someone else’s struggles. No thank you to holding back for fear of being seen a certain way. No thank you to dwelling in the shadows, but also no thank you to pretending they don’t exist. No thank you to half-assed hugs. No thank you to hiding effort. No thank you to retiring from self-improvement. No thank you to endless comparison. No thank you to judging. No thank you to “can’t.” No thank you to seeing our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls as anything but what they are: priceless.


3 thoughts on “No, Thank You

  1. Isn’t this great!? and I LOVE your response. My first thought when I saw it was the poen No Thank You John, by Christina Rosetti….it’s great. anyway, it’s a terrific prompt! (And did you see Oiselle has made a tee??)


  2. Yes please to all of your ‘no thank you’s (um, that sounds weird, meant that I agree 🙂 ). One that really sticks out for me right now was “No thank you to half-assed hugs.” Seriously – if there is someone who you feel close enough to, to ask for a hug in a difficult time – do NOT give a ‘hi how you doin’ acquaintance’ hug … it is worse than no hug at all. The power of a good hug when someone needs it cannot be overstated … nor can the negative power of a crappy, non-hug when someone really needs one.

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