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Building Things

We took our becoming-annual trip to Red River, New Mexico last weekend.

It was hard.

Traveling with a dog has its challenges. Traveling with a 6-month-old has its challenges. Wrangling both at a hotel — coordinating walks, feedings, etc. — while hubby is doing his thing at an archery shoot both Saturday and Sunday?

Well. If we had been in any place other than Red River, I might have thrown my hands up, thrown in the towel, and thrown various other objects (not the baby or the dog, don’t worry) right out the window.

But I didn’t. For one thing, it’s impossible to be miserable in that town. For another, the effort, which somehow, thankfully, I was able to discern in the thick of it, was worth it.

We’re building a family tradition with these trips to Red River. Building things can be hard. Rome, as they say, wasn’t built in a day, and neither was anything else that really meant anything. Fantastic relationships? Professional success? Strong, happy kids? Shoot, a great sports team? Las Vegas Golden Knights notwithstanding, none of these happen overnight. They take effort. But they’re worth it. They’re legacies, and in an increasingly quick, disposable world, legacies matter.

Fitness, I’m finding, is another thing worth the effort of building. I’m finally carving out a new running routine — an actual routine, not just diving at windows of opportunity a couple times per week. I get up early. I run two miles. One brick at a time, slowly, steadily, I will build my fitness back.

But just because something requires effort doesn’t mean it can’t have moments of light. In Red River, the dog was totally unimpressed by real deer but excited by fake ones. It was hilarious. On this morning’s run, after cresting a long hill, I felt fantastic. For a few minutes, I felt light and strong and utterly un-self-conscious about how I looked.

I like to think moments like these exist to indicate that we’re doing something right. We’re building well.

I read a devotional the other day that closed with these words: “Are there people or circumstances that are trying to make you afraid to go on building? Don’t listen to them. The temple of the Lord is in all those things: your heart, faith, family, and dreams. Build Him something magnificent.”

Whatever or whoever you’re in the process of building, keep up the good work. Keep an eye out for those moments of light. And know that the effort is worth it.


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