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Tra-La, It’s May

Hi there. While Robin Hood works a little late, Caroline takes her “teatime” nap, and light rain spatters the cinder block wall in our backyard for the first time since I don’t know, I thought I would check in. How is everybody?

Life here in Albuquerque is, I have to say, good. We recently crested a big hill with the baby — i.e. getting a tongue and lip tie fixed. Talk about building some SERIOUS parenting/heart/relationship muscles. But we made it through, and we’re thankful. On to whatever comes next — probably teething — and finding fun wherever we can. Like when I shuffle out to the living room in the morning (Robin Hood has the breakfast feeding shift) and Caroline turns to me and smiles. “Hey, mama — mornin’!” That’s pretty great, even before coffee.

But no, I didn’t mean for this to be a baby post! Let’s talk about May.

May is a big month. My family has TONS of May birthdays (including Robin Hood’s in a few days!), not to mention friends’ birthdays, Mother’s Day, and more…well…localized occasions, like converting our swamp cooler.

May is definitely the start of something. No, it’s not summer yet, but the tide is turning. It’s safe to plant things without worrying about a freeze, or at least it will be very soon (full disclosure, I have no intention to plant anything this spring; my goal for now is to pull weeds and keep my yard relatively free of dog poop).

Again, May is the start of something. Maybe you’ve recently crested some hills of your own. Maybe you’re getting ready for an adventure and/or challenge. Maybe you’re still in the thick of it, but finally are able to lift your head up, even briefly, and breathe in the scent of blossoms, rain, and yes, darn it, hope.

Go ahead, relish it. I’m with you.

And if you’ve never heard this song, give it a listen, because it is delightful.


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