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New Beginnings

We’re a week away from the first day of Spring! We’ve pushed our clocks forward, we have more daylight, tiny blossoms are peeping out, and some of us really lucky ones have even worn shorts outside.

New beginnings. They’re everywhere. I’m continuing my “new beginning” in running, if haltingly, and I’m savoring every step. I’m wondering what kind of runner this new, mom me will evolve into.

I’ve also launched into life as a stay-at-home mom, having decided to bid goodbye to the place where I worked for over a decade. It feels big. It is big.

New beginnings can be treacherous. Yes, Spring is imminent, yes, blossoms are peeping out, but it’s cold and cloudy here. And judging from past years, we’ll have at least one more cold snap before warm temperatures fully commit. Ugh.

Coming back to running also merits caution. I’ve been feeling stronger on recent runs — a hint of my old stamina percolating deep inside. But on my last run my left shin started grumbling. Whoops. Lesson learned, for the millionth time: excitement should not override sound judgment.

And stepping away from work (the paid kind, anyway) doesn’t quite have me dancing around the house. Will I drive myself crazy? Will I get bored? Will I desperately miss adult company?

There’s a lot of anxiety and missteps with new beginnings. But you know what? That’s no reason not to embrace and celebrate them.

Spring is coming, clouds or no clouds. Those blossoms will prevail. We’ll all get over the adjustment of the time change and bask in the sun at 5 pm. Fresh air on bare legs, people. Fresh air on bare legs!!

My return to running will continue. I’ll listen to my body. One of these weeks I’ll take the leap and sign up for a 5k. I’ll relish every hill. I will wear shorts and tank tops and not care one bit that I don’t have my pre-baby body.

As for staying at home? I’ll remind myself, as often as necessary, that this time is about me and the baby, NOT me and the housework. I will do my best to memorize the exact way my baby scrunches up her eyes and nose right before unleashing a fabulous, squealing laugh. I’ll hang out with other moms, and hopefully make new friends. I will have fun!

Here’s to new beginnings. Happy Spring, everyone!


3 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Shannon, lovevteafing ur blog as always. I’m thrilled that you are able to be a at home mom, I truly believe you will NEVER regret one second of this precious time ( I know I never did and I’m thankful everyday that I had all those days, months and years with my sweet kids). Yes, you will miss “adult” conversation ( find or form, like I did, a playgroup of new moms). It was a wonderful experience and I count my dear playgroup moms as dear friends to this day.
    Enjoy, lots of love and keep posting those baby pics of sweet Caroline ❤️❤️

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