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Caroline lifted her head straight up for at least 30 seconds today — a PR for her, I’m pretty certain. Robin Hood and I like to think it’s because we’ve been watching the Olympics every night this week. Nothing like a little inspiration!

I love watching the Olympics. Not just to see the incredible athletic feats, not just to see those Mom commercials that make me teary-eyed EVERY TIME, but for the athletes themselves.

I don’t pay attention to many of the Olympic sports (aside from running) enough to know much about them coming into the Olympics, so it’s a huge platter of information and inspiration being served up right now. Back stories, comebacks, phenoms, drama, personalities — ALL the personalities.

Aside from awe at their amazing medal (or this close) performances, there’s a lot to learn from these athletes. Watching their effort, listening to what they say afterwards no matter what the result — it teaches me about grit. And stamina. And joy in the effort. And grace.

Grace, as it happens, is my word for this year (last year’s word, faith, worked out extremely well, as seen in the photos below). I’m still trying to work out a solid definition for grace — I guess that’s just part of the journey. But I want to figure it out, and get better acquainted with it. I want to know when to aim higher and when to simply accept. I want to know when to reach out and when to be still.

To quote one of the Mom commercials, I want to be “at once peaceful and unstoppable.”

I’m thinking it takes grace to know grace.

I’m savoring these Olympics. They’re inspiring me exactly when I need it, and I hope that eventually, my daughter will derive similar inspiration.

Grit. Stamina. Joy. Grace.

Whether we have a podium or not, let’s do this.


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