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Sunday Morning

Hi everyone. Popping in for a quick update while Caroline hangs out with her dad after breakfast number….two and a half? Three? Something like that.

It’s hard, adjusting to life with a baby. It feels like life has been swept up in a tornado, with everything constantly being tossed, twirled, and turned over and over. The erosion of the concept of time, the hormones, the … I forget what else. Fog, fatigue, forgetfulness.

The dust hasn’t settled yet, but I like to think/hope that we are gradually inching our way towards getting used to it. It’s important, really important, to celebrate the little victories.

This morning, breakfast number one wrapped up around 7:30. I decided to stay up, and it felt deliriously good. I made coffee. I turned on the Christmas tree lights, read my devotional (eventually I’ll be able to reclaim that as a daily practice) and savored the quiet. Then I got up and made a pecan pie for our neighbors, something I had promised to do before Caroline was born.

That was a HUGE victory.

Moments like those balance the ones where I stagger around speaking something not quite English, and ones where I have no clue — zero, zilch — how I’ll incorporate running back into my life once that time comes. Ones where I have to remind myself “Be patient, this is all normal and it just takes time.”

Patience. With motherhood, I think you learn it whether you want to or not. I’m thankful for this, because God knows I’ve been trying to teach myself patience for years. Evidently I needed another teacher to learn the lesson. A very tiny, very adorable one.

I am so thankful for this baby. I’m thankful for my husband and family and friends. I’m thankful for Christmas music, and showers, and the ability to go outside occasionally.

Here’s to learning. Here’s to appreciating laughter like never before. And hey, here’s to being able to have a little bit of wine again!

Warmest holiday wishes to all of you.


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