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One Week Ago

I had a baby!

Meet Caroline Gayle Sapp:

She arrived on Thursday, November 23rd at 1:19 pm Mountain Time. Yup, Thanksgiving Day, and in my totally objective opinion, she’s better than all the delicious food and football and parades in the world.

She came eight days early. Robin Hood and I went in for a routine doctor’s appointment on the 22nd (he accompanied me to most of my doctor’s appointments throughout pregnancy; he’s like that). It turned out my amniotic fluid levels were a little lower than the docs liked, so they recommended that I get induced…THAT DAY. After we picked our jaws up off the floor and pretended to collect ourselves, we made arrangements to go to the hospital later that afternoon.

What followed were the most mind-boggling 26 hours of my life. The official process started around 9 pm that evening, with the fun really beginning early the next morning. I have never been more humbled, and I owe an astronomical debt of gratitude to the following:

  • The staff at Lovelace Women’s Hospital. Everyone, from the guy who checked us in to the astoundingly speedy folks in the kitchen to all of the nurses, techs, midwives, and doctors Robin Hood and I met. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to guide us into the world of parenthood.
  • Dani, the world’s best doula/ baby guru/ guardian angel. I can’t put into words how much she helped us.
  • My husband. Robin Hood has proven himself more of a supportive, enthusiastic, involved, helpful dad and parenting partner than I could ever have imagined. I knew he was going to be terrific, but he has taken it to another level entirely.

As for Caroline? Well, we love her like crazy. She likes eating and snuggling. She dislikes diaper changes and getting dressed (who can blame her?). She invents hilarious new facial expressions every day, and is developing an impressive vocal range. She has rocked my world.

And now I’m off to take care of a couple of things while she naps. We’re all doing well, and hope that you are, too.



14 thoughts on “One Week Ago

  1. Congratulations!! She’s just gorgeous!! There is nothing quite like childbirth to humble us, but also make us realize how much strength we actually have, and how much strength our partners have. Enjoy that beautiful girl!

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