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April Showers

Happy weekend, everyone! 

I’m writing this in my kitchen (my favorite room in this house since day one) while gulping hot cocoa and watching a certain redbone coonhound trot cheerily around the backyard in the rain. Any minute now, she’ll come to the door to be let in, and then we’ll play the game of “hold still while I try to towel you off at least a LITTLE bit.”

It’s in the 40s. It’s almost May, and it’s in the 40s. 

And the rain.

Even more amusing than wrangling a wet, squirmy dog is the fact that, based on the consistently warm weather we were getting THEN, Robin Hood did our swamp cooler conversion last week. Long story short, for those of you who aren’t familiar with swamp coolers: it’s cold in our house. I got home from work today and had to layer up. 

Also, I’m a little sad because my runs lately have been spoiling my senses — specifically, those of sight and smell. Trees and shrubs have been blossoming like crazy around the neighborhood. So many roses! Wisteria! Spanish broom! And they all smell heavenly. If it weren’t for the tripping hazard, I’d run with my nose up in the air like a hound who’s just caught a scent.

The rain will, with grim relentlessness, do away with some of those blossoms. 


While drinking hot cocoa, it’s impossible not to glimpse the bright side.

I like to think of rain this time of year as Mother Nature’s spring cleaning. Yes, some blossoms will get washed away, but so will plenty of dust and dirt that weren’t doing anyone any good. The world is getting rinsed off for even prettier things to come, I’m sure of it.

And the cold? Well, it provides a lovely reason to enjoy the aforementioned cocoa. And haven’t I been looking at our pile of firewood, quietly wishing for at least one more fire in our fireplace before it gets too hot for that? Haven’t I??

Yes. Yes, I have.

So I will fix a mug of cocoa for Robin Hood when he gets home from work. I’ll add layers of clothing as necessary. I’ll savor the brisk-weathered running while it lasts, and I’ll keep the dog towel at the ready.

Wishing you warmth, wherever you are.


3 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. I have to admit, I’m secretly glad for all this cold spring weather because I’m hoping it means we’re in for a mild summer (or, at the very least, that it means the arrival of humidity will be delayed!). Last year the warmth showed up really early and sure enough, summer was AWFUL. So cold weather this late in spring must mean summer is going to be cooler…right? Right??

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