Easter · Running

Good Friday Gratitude Check

Hopefully, all of you are well on your way to a restful, happy Easter weekend. I think mine is going to be good, but I’m grabbing a moment to pause today, because pausing feels like a proper Good Friday thing to do.

Things I am grateful for at this moment:

Health: Our home has been not-so-healthy the last two weeks. I came down with a cold that would. Not. Quit. I’ve never appreciated the ability to take multiple deep breaths without coughing so much in my life. Thankfully, I’m finally coming out of it…but the downside is that now Robin Hood has it. Hooray, marriage! To top it off, the dog had an upset stomach for a couple of days. I’ll spare you the details – I’ll just say we had some, er, interesting walks. She seems to be getting better, though, and is eating her food and lapping up water like her old self. Who’d have thought I’d be so happy to see dog food scattered across the kitchen floor??

Running: The aforementioned cold/cough sidelined me from running for over a week. Not fun, especially when the weather has been beeeeeautiful. I finally got back out there on Tuesday. I took it easy, tried to listen to my body, and loved every step. Yeah, I was tired, and my body was a tiny bit confused, but it felt AMAZING. And, hopefully, the exercise will help my immune system clear away the last of the muck.

Learning new things: Robin Hood and I have been taking a concealed carry class, something we’ve meant to do for months. We’ve completed two parts of it and we’ve got two more to go. For me, the class isn’t so much about obtaining a concealed carry license (although that’s certainly part of it), but more about feeling more comfortable around — and knowledgeable about — firearms. Sure, I go out shooting sometimes, but there’s a LOT to know! The class is taught by a woman and her husband in a “classroom” (their living room) and at a shooting range near their home. The class size is small; there are only about eight of us students, so it’s essentially like having private lessons. It’s not intimidating at all — we started with the basics, and our instructors are patient and full of information. I’ve learned a lot so far, and I’m looking forward to what the final two classes will bring.

Faith: Hey, I still remember my word for this year! The Lenten season, and especially its culmination this weekend, is a huge, red-letter, billboard-sized reminder of the importance of faith. It’s a reminder that patience pays off. Hard work, sacrifice, persisting: they all pay off. With what, you ask? With unusually crowded churches and an abundance of Cadbury eggs? No. With the assurance that miracles DO happen, no matter how much we may try to deny it. With the notion that love is so powerful that it can, and does, bring us to our knees. What else is at once so scary and so comforting?

And so I’m pausing.

Happy Easter, everyone 🙂



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