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When Life Hands You a Cold, Make a Popsicle.

I’m getting over a cold and it feels weird.

Let me be clear that I am very thankful to be getting OVER said cold. A few nights ago, I could barely breathe unless my mouth was wide open (nothing says “cozy” like a big ol’ drool splotch on your pillow). Tissues littered the floor next to the bed, and I learned that my husband, who has also been sick, can sound amusingly/alarmingly like Darth Vader in his sleep.

Both of us have moved past that stage. Still, it feels weird. I have energy from averaging 8+ hours of sleep per night — not the norm for me, for better or worse — but I’m stingy about expending that energy in the hopes that energy conservation will lead to a speedier recovery. Could I go for a run without hampering my immune system? Maybe. But I’m over proving my “toughness” as a runner and instead am choosing to listen to my body.

This time, anyway. I have a little age and experience, but I’m not perfect.

So what do I do with my energy? As far as exercise goes, I satisfy myself with walking the dog. Otherwise, it’s books. BOOKS! I’ve always loved reading but I’m particularly excited about it these days. It’s at least partially due to all that extra energy, but another big part of it has got to be from the books themselves.

I got this one as a Christmas present, and I just finished it:


Next up are these two — the first was a Christmas present and the second was a present I bought myself when I went to Barnes & Noble this week looking for 2017 calendars. [Tip: do NOT wait till after the new year to buy calendars. The selection isn’t pretty.]



Do we detect a theme here? I didn’t intend to immerse myself in fabulous-lady-memoirs — Amy Poehler was a last-minute wish list addition, Odyssa was a complete surprise, and Lauren Graham was an impulse buy — but I’m delighted to have landed here.

What better way to start this new year than by diving into the memoirs of women I admire? They work hard, they know how to take life and themselves just seriously enough but not too seriously, and they know how to tell a good story. They make me laugh, they make me think, and they inspire me.

Hopefully, in the next day or two my nose will stop running so I can start up again (heh). Meanwhile, I’ll be hitting the books, and preparing to take a page from them (HA!) in my own life this month and for the rest of the year.

Okay, I’ll stop with the puns now.

Have you read any good biographies or autobiographies lately?


6 thoughts on “When Life Hands You a Cold, Make a Popsicle.

  1. I just finished the Hamilton biography last week. Loved it – great, more in-depth and personal perspective on the Revolutionary War, and the foundation and early days of our government. Sounds boring on the page, but I jammed through over 700 pages in two weeks.

    Happy Reading! Hope you feel better soon!

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