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Five Days Before Christmas 

Greetings from the couch next to our Christmas tree!

I just got back from a run — the first one this winter that actually required a hat, brrrr — and I’m sipping nutmeg-laced eggnog as I sit here and steal a moment. 

Note: whoever says eggnog isn’t the ideal post-run refreshment is a fool.

Robin Hood and I are heading to Virginia soon. My bags aren’t packed yet, but the Christmas shopping is done. D-O-N-E. As to whether that resolve will last more than an hour after I write this, I have no idea, but for now, it feels nice.

Before I get up from this comfy seat to tackle necessary tasks like showering and unapologetically stealing the last of the eggnog from my husband, I’d like to share a few holiday wishes. Consider this a sort of Christmas card, but one that doesn’t make you jealous of anyone’s vacation photos:

May you have at least one quiet moment all to yourself today.

May any travels you take over the next week be safe and (relatively) stress-free.

May you step outside at least once on Christmas Day, even if it’s absurdly cold. Especially if it’s absurdly cold.

May you inhale the fragrance of at least one fir tree between now and December 25. It doesn’t even have to be decorated, or in a house.

May you say “Forget it!” to at least one non-essential task, and not feel the slightest shred of guilt.

May you laugh so hard you lose your breath.

May you hang out with people who don’t care if you’re sweaty from a run, or if you don’t run at all, because they love you.

May you realize how loved you are.

May you give yourself grace.

And may you have all the eggnog you want.


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