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Sometimes the Best Part of Hunting Season is Not Hunting

Yes, hunting trips can be fun, and are an effective means to a good, thorough mood cleanse, as I’ve noted. But other times? Other times, I just want to…not go.

Because, folks, as much as I love the great outdoors and hanging out with my super-cool husband, being able to sleep in past 5:30 is FABULOUS. Taking a hot shower every day is FABULOUS. Watching whatever I want on Netflix? OHHHH SOOOO fabulous.

So that’s what I did last weekend. Typically, when Robin Hood’s off being Robin Hood, I tuck into Productive Shannon mode. Not this time. I was a conscientious objector to yard work (thank you God for slowing the growth of weeds in our yard). I shrugged at the bathrooms. They were clean enough. I closed the door to the laundry room, and poof, hey, there was no laundry to do!

Is it me, or is this just plain necessary once in a while?

Okay, I did wash dishes. And I bought way-overdue birthday gifts for my youngest niece, Lily, but that doesn’t count as a chore, because I enjoyed doing it. Plus, immediately after pretending I know what hip two-year-olds are wearing these days, I bought myself a gift: a new book!


I know, I’m far behind the curve in reading this, but better late than never. I am plowing right through it. Not the kind of read I usually go for, but it has me riveted.

I didn’t watch as much Netflix as I thought I would, but I did sit down for a scary movie – it is almost Halloween, and I have a time-honored tradition of watching as many scary movies as possible this time of year. This one was “Dream House,” starring Daniel Craig. Not particularly scary; it turned into more of what I would call a “psychological thriller” and I was totally okay watching it with only one light on in the house. But it was entertaining enough.

What surprised me a tiny bit was the amount of cooking I did. Maybe it’s the cooler weather, or the energy I had from sleeping past 5:30. Or the fact that (!) I went for an appetite-bolstering 8-ish mile run on Saturday morning, which is the farthest I’ve run in a LONG time. And it certainly felt like it. But I loved it.

Anyway, I kept getting drawn to the kitchen. I made waffles for myself [bonus to making waffles for one: waffle redux the next morning!]:


That afternoon, I made brownies, and the next day, it was crockpot chili and cornbread.

I think that’s all I cooked. I lost track.

Oh. AND, between all of my, er, rigorous activities, I met up with some girlfriends at a new watering hole in town:


It’s been a while since we all hung out, and it was terrific catching up with them. I swear, the older I get, the more I appreciate the women in my life. And if jumping at the chance for a ladies’ night while my husband’s off hunting makes me a cliché, I’m okay with that.

Happy weekend, everyone.





4 thoughts on “Sometimes the Best Part of Hunting Season is Not Hunting

  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! As much as I love spending time with my significant other, I have to admit sometimes it’s really nice to have time to myself to do “me” things.

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