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Albuquerque in October 

I know, I know — October is a popular month with pretty much everyone. Runners love it, hunters love it, trick-or-treaters love it, and enthusiasts of pumpkin-spiced anything are probably still doing back-flips as I write this. 

But Albuquerque! Albuquerque.

I mentioned balloons in my last post, and they always kick off the month with style. This year I got a bonus treat when my aunt Paula and her friend Betty came to visit during the second weekend of Balloon Fiesta. We went to a balloon glow, which nearly got cancelled due to wind, but didn’t: 

Then on Saturday morning, Robin Hood and I hung out with the ladies in their hotel room, which happened to overlook Balloon Fiesta Park. Let me tell you: I love being down on the field and all, but sitting in a warm hotel room eating waffles and drinking coffee from the complimentary breakfast buffet while balloons drift close by outside? Noooot a bad way to experience it.

After some more wonderful visiting with Aunt Paula and Betty, they continued on with their travels, but hardly had the dust settled on our doorstep when we got more visitors – my parents!

I’ll give you the highlights: 

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Corrales Harvest Festival. Now this, I swear, was a bona fide October miracle. Every other year in recent memory, the festival was in September. I thought I had missed it.  But no!

We browsed arts & crafts vendors, we poked through a used book sale, we successfully negotiated a corn maze, and – and! – in between, we rode a hay shuttle. With actual hay. It was full October glory.

Saturday night was our “night on the town.” We enjoyed dinner al fresco at Scalo’s, then headed over to Popejoy Hall for a performance of… The Lion King! Neither Robin Hood nor my parents had ever seen the musical, and I had only seen it once before. I felt like dancing afterwards (but then, I always do after a musical). Definitely see it if you ever get the chance.

Sunday was race day. What race, you ask? The Duke City Marathon/ Half Marathon/ 10k/ 5k, a.k.a. this town’s biggest running weekend. I didn’t run in any of the races,  but several friends did, and I had the honor (and fun) of yelling my head off and ringing a cowbell like it was going out of style. 

And I may have drafted my husband and parents into doing the same. But hey, they showed real talent out there!

Monday afternoon my parents saw the glamorous side of New Mexico: the desert.

Heh heh. Ok, more specifically, Robin Hood and I took them out there for target practice with a few firearms. And I must say, in light of the fact that neither of them had shot a gun in decades, they did phenomenally! We all had fun and learned a lot (I say the day you stop learning about firearms is the day you should probably stop handling them).

Tuesday was Mom and Dad’s last full day here, and we made the most of it with a hike up the La Luz trail. We went about halfway up before turning around, and it was gorgeous. Previously, my experience with La Luz has been in May and June – my eyes have been opened!

And October’s not over yet.


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