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Oh the Excitement!

It’s been a heady week.

Last weekend, we took Ann to a dog park for the first time ever. She’s been around other dogs when we visit or camp with friends, and she’s been fine (perhaps “ecstatic” would be a better word). But the off-the-leash, stranger-dogs, full-on dog park experience? New territory.

I am delighted to report that it went really well. Not only did Ann appear to have a good time and behave herself; she also befriended another coonhound! AND that coonhound (a pretty little black & tan) was the exact same size and same age as Ann. AND her owner happened to be sitting on the bench next to ours, and was a really nice guy.

It was weird. But great. Ann was sad to leave, and we promised her we’d come back.


Fast-forward to later that day…when Robin Hood put antennae on our TV!

We’d been getting along fine with just Netflix, proud of ourselves, even, that we hardly missed regular TV at all.

But then, the Olympics.

Specifically, the Women’s Olympic Marathon, and my ongoing, tumultuous relationship with technology reaching stormy heights (depths?), and a pre-9-am-on-a-Sunday-morning hissy fit thrown by yours truly. Long story short, we have antennae on our TV now. And I have a brand-new phone, which is probably smarter than me. But the main thing is the antennae. We officially have [the most basic cable, just a few channels really] TV!

Granted, the only thing we’ve been watching is the Olympics. And I can’t speak for my husband, but I’ve been loving it. Obviously the events themselves, but also, hearing that theme song every night! Tearing up EVERY NIGHT at the commercial with the dog and the baby! Doing my best imitation of the jumpers’ pre-jump-lean-back move in my living room!

It’s all wonderful.

One of my favorite parts has been watching Robin Hood. I kind of figured that once we got our antennae, I’d park myself in front of the Olympics every night and he’d drop in every once in a while, make a comment or two, and then drift to another part of the house. But no, he’s been right there with me, watching gymnastics, track & field, volleyball, and whatever else is on between dinner and bedtime.

My husband gets excited about a lot of things, but sports isn’t typically one of them. And I love seeing him excited over this stuff. He’s been cheering, murmuring awestruck profanity, grumbling indignance, and just generally being a big ol’ sports fan.

It’s been fun. It IS fun.

And maybe both of us will be there in the living room this Sunday, watching the Men’s Marathon in all of its televised glory.



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