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And the World Will Know…We’ve Been Married for a Year!

Robin Hood and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last weekend!

I’ll get to the mushy stuff in a bit, but first the fun part.

As you probably gathered from last week’s post, my husband and I take our celebrating seriously. This most definitely applies to anniversaries.

First, we went to get massages. Roll your eyes if you want, but a massage is hands-down (ha!) my favorite indulgence. Well, that and new running clothes. And delicious homemade dessert. Anyway, the massage was exactly the relaxation and restoration we needed, and I swear I’m not going to let a whole year go by again before I get another one. I said that last year, too. Here’s hoping.

Then, it was home for a quick wardrobe change, a letting-out of the dog, and then we dashed back out.

And then, folks, we painted the town.

We ate dinner at Scalo, an Italian place in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill neighborhood. It was lovely and surprisingly inexpensive, and the food brought us perilously close to licking our plates. It also didn’t hurt that the hostess sat us upstairs at a table that overlooked the rest of the restaurant. We felt like a big deal.

Our next stop was Popejoy Hall for a performance of the musical Newsies, based on Disney’s movie from the early ‘90s.


I struggle to find the words to write about this experience. I don’t want to write about it – I want to dance and sing about it, and applaud wildly, and talk in a loud voice about it. IT WAS MAGNIFICENT.

Just listen to the song:

Now how could anyone hear that without wanting to run into the street (look both ways first!) and start twirling??

As with the massages, I won’t let so much time go by again without getting a dose of musical theatre. The Lion King is coming to Popejoy in October and I’ve already begun plotting.

After the show, neither Robin Hood nor I was ready to go home, so we grabbed a beer at a nearby jazz bar. We had hoped to get a snack as well, but alas! Their kitchen had just closed. Luckily, the bartender directed us up the block to a late-night taco stand, where we not only enjoyed some spicy tacos, but also the music of a Bob Dylan cover artist stationed next door.

And then we finally, drowsily, happily called it a night.

Now for the mushy stuff.

Maybe you’re asking, “What about the first year of marriage? What have you learned?”

Okay. Here’s what I’ve learned.

I’ve learned the importance of balance: the balance between letting go and holding on. In my first year of marriage, I have felt (to name just a few): joy, achy sadness, triumph, disappointment, delight, anger, optimism, exhaustion, sheepishness, pride, shame, gratitude, tranquility, and some days, not much of anything. I have also felt love. The “holding on” applies to the love; the “letting go” applies to all the rest.

That’s what I’ve learned. Now in terms of putting it into practice…well, I’m still working on it. But I figure that’s what the rest of my life is for.

Happy Anniversary, Robin Hood. I love you, and I always will.



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