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The Emotional Roller Coaster Known as Moving

I thought I had lost my running shoes.

Days of planning, packing, unpacking, packing more, coordinating, frustrations, victories…and now this?

It was a low point in the moving process.

Thankfully, my concern – ok, mild panic – only lasted about 24 hours. I found the shoes, and all, for the moment, was well. And yes, boxes were labeled, but as I’m sure you know, Murphy’s Law just LOVES to come to play during a move.

To celebrate finding the shoes, I went for my first run from the new house yesterday, and it was fantastic. The new place isn’t far from the apartment where I used to live, so the entire run just felt like a rapturous reunion: my favorite paved path in Albuquerque! The Bear Canyon trails that I’d been missing (shame on me, a dozen times over, for letting so much time pass without visiting them)! The hills I used to charge up!

But there were new things to appreciate, too: the cool skybridge / pedestrian overpass that I can now run on every day if I so desire; and the cul-de-sac where I can hone my finishing kick (we live at the end of it).

That’s pretty much the story of moving, isn’t it? Trying to reconcile the familiar with the not-so-familiar.

We’re working on that, my husband and I. We’re adjusting to our new commutes, establishing new dog-walking routes, and trying to find some sort of routine. The new house doesn’t have hot water yet, so we’re still mostly showering at the old house — it’s a rental and our lease is through the end of the month.

We still have plenty of work to do in terms of cleaning up the old place, both inside and out, and sorting through boxes at the new place. There’s furniture to be arranged, addresses to be changed, and a lawnmower to be bought.


We also have plenty of good stuff to focus on. Such as:

  • We now have a spectacular backyard. It’s big and it has grass and we can see the Sandias looming not-so-far away. Even the dog loves it.
  • Our neighbors are extremely nice.
  • We have shiny new appliances (washer, dryer, range, and microwave).
  • We’re in a part of town that we like more.
  • We’re HOMEOWNERS!!

Time to go tackle another box. Anyone else in the middle of moving?





4 thoughts on “The Emotional Roller Coaster Known as Moving

  1. Congratulations! Super jealous of your ability to find gainful employment in my old home town–and live so close to the canyon! Jealous . . . so jealous.

  2. Glad you got through it and found your shoes! Moving….ugh! We just moved our daughter from one place to another and even though it wasn’t far, the effort and the logistics, finding a place etc, was exhausting (and we still aren’t done) Congrats on being homeowners!!! Yay!!! Sounds like a terrific place~

  3. I am moving too… almost at the tail end of it now with cleaning out the old place and such, but just like you I am trying to focus on the nice things we are gaining! I have a great new backyard too, and it makes me so happy!

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