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Hey, We’re Homeowners!

We bought a house.

It’s ours! We closed on it yesterday.

Now for a luxuriously long exhale…ahhhhhhhhhh.

Or maybe more like “ooooffff.”

“Relief” hardly begins to describe it. This is the culmination of a process that started almost four months ago, and I haven’t discussed it much here due to superstitious fear that something would go awry if I did.

But now we have the keys!



We started our search for a home the way lots of folks do these days: on Zillow. We’d find an intriguing house, hop in the car, and go check it out. After we’d done that a few times, we figured it was time to get serious and meet with a real estate agent.

Enter Russ, the friend of a friend who sat us down in his office one evening and proceeded to give us one heck of an education.

That was just the beginning.

We were excited. Through more of our own research and suggestions from Russ, we found houses that we wanted to Officially Visit (i.e. actually go inside, not just drive by and discreetly peer over fences). Over the course of two Saturdays, we visited houses, took copious notes, and learned so much that our heads swam.

Still…just…the beginning.

On the second Saturday, we found The One. It met all of our requirements: right size, right price range, spacious backyard, good neighborhood for running, good schools, and the house itself, though on the older side, was in good condition.

I wish I could tell you that we immediately plunked down an offer, it got accepted, and everything was as smooth as butter.


No. What happened next was the part that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT, in which we had to figure out exactly how much we could afford to offer, how much we wanted to put down, what interest rate we wanted to aim for, which lender we wanted to use, get pre-approved, etc., etc. all with me twitching and flop-sweating because what if someone else made an offer before us??

Remember that post I wrote about patience? Yeah…

Lesson learned: do as much of that stuff as possible as soon as you start house-hunting.

Thankfully, it worked out. We got organized and made our offer. And the seller accepted it! Then came the contract, and lots of signing and initialing. We were making progress!

Next came the inspections. Again, thankfully, nothing too crazy popped up – we made a few requests, and the seller responded satisfactorily. Then the appraisal, and that too went fine.

We began to get the feeling that we might actually make it out of the experience with a new home!



We set a closing date. We were ready. The seller was ready. The middle people – i.e. the lender and the title company — evidently were not.

Our closing date came and went. Papers were shuffled. Frustration mounted. I still don’t understand what caused the hold-up.

Long story short, because I’m getting irritated just writing about it, is that 22 days – 22 days!! – after it was supposed to happen, we closed.

I’m still exhaling.


By golly, we bought a house.

P.S. Special thanks to our real estate agent, Russ Gilbert, for guiding us the whole way. You have the knowledge of an encyclopedia and the patience of a saint, and we are forever grateful.








16 thoughts on “Hey, We’re Homeowners!

  1. Congratulations! Buying and selling houses do not always go as planned where delays can happen as well as sometimes the settlement doesn’t occur at all! Thanks for sharing your experience so other buyers get a glimpse of what can be expected. 😀

  2. Yay!! Congrats!!!
    My sister lives in Ohio and I miss her so much. Her husband has a job opportunity in Albuquerque and I’m so hoping they take it!!! I love how much you have good things to say about it (and it’s closer to me!)

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