My First Trip to Las Vegas

It’s true: I had never been to Vegas before. At least not since I was old enough to remember.

I wanted to go! I wanted to channel Clark Griswold, and to walk along the Strip, and to taste a “free” beverage (yeah, free, after giving $20 to the slot machine).

So when our friends Kurt and Carrie, who are getting married, announced they were having a pre-wedding celebratory weekend in Las Vegas and invited a bunch of folks to come along, Robin Hood and I jumped at the chance.

Spoiler alert: it was fabulous. Just like the sign says.


We arrived on a Friday morning.  After a shuttle bus ride which, while not the most direct route, did provide an informal little tour of the Strip, we arrived at our hotel…


… only to find it was too early to check in. No worries!  We checked our luggage at the desk, grabbed brunch at the buffet, and caught another shuttle, this one much more direct. It took us right to Caesar’s Palace.

After doing the commensurate ogling and wandering through the casino, we ventured outside. The feeling of being in Vegas started to sink in:




The weather was glorious. The people-watching was top-notch. And, with great glee, I drank a Cosmopolitan in the Cosmopolitan.

That whole afternoon, Robin Hood and I wandered, but kept an eye on the time. Why? Because we had tickets to Cirque du Soleil that night!  Hey, if you’re gonna do Vegas, you may as well do Vegas.

The show was at New York, New York. We got there early, and I’m glad we did, because that place is more fun than I ever thought a casino could be. It has:

  • Pizza
  • A roller coaster
  • Pizza
  • An arcade with SKEEBALL (I didn’t even know playing skeeball in Vegas was on my bucket list, but now I’ve checked it off)

Then it was time for Cirque du Soleil. We saw their “Zumanity” show and were both thoroughly impressed. Although now I kind of want a trapeze. Maybe in our backyard someday?

We were both tuckered out after that, so we made our way back our hotel, but not before stopping by the Bellagio to see the fountain show. I meant to take pictures, but I was too busy, er, crying. It was that pretty, especially with its background music.

By Saturday, everyone in our group had arrived, and we all met up to partake in a scavenger hunt that Kurt and Carrie had organized. It was boys vs. girls, and let me tell you the trash-talking was…spirited.

I wish I could tell you what transpired over the next several hours, but then I’d have to kill you. What happens on the scavenger hunt stays on the scavenger hunt.  Long story short: the girls won!!

The day ended with dancing in a rooftop bar that overlooked the entire Strip. It was beautiful. My feet ached from wearing high heels for the first time in ages, but I didn’t care.

On Sunday, our flight didn’t leave till 5 pm, so we had time to kill. With my Clark Griswold mode fully engaged, we beelined to the Stratosphere. We rode the elevator waaaay up to the observation deck, and took in the view:


Then OF COURSE we rode the rides. Not all of them; we rode the one where you feel like you’re tipping over the side, and the one that shoots you straight up the tower. Both were fantastic, but let’s just say I’m happy I didn’t eat a big meal immediately beforehand.

Having checked the Stratosphere off the list, we headed over to Fremont Street (aka “Old Vegas”) as our last activity. Not quite as glitzy as it would have been at night, granted, but still fun.


And then, just like that, it was time to go to the airport and fly back home.

I have no idea when, but one day, I’ll go back.

Viva Las Vegas!





5 thoughts on “My First Trip to Las Vegas

  1. I’ve tried three times to make it to Fremont Street for the light show… maybe we need to go together!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  2. Ran a half marathon there once. Started at the Tropicana and went out of town. Figured desert so flat fast course out and back. Wrong. Out down hill, back up hill all the way – and warm. Who knew?

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