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Running Sunflower is THIS Many!


Five. Five!

Five years ago I claimed my own tiny corner of the Internet and started this blog. My first post looked like this:

No, I don’t still have those purple shoes.  Yes, I still inhale every new pair.

If Running Sunflower were a child, I would be sending it toddling off to kindergarten right now, telling it to listen to the teacher and remember to share.  As it is, I’ll just take this moment to pause and wonder how to mark the occasion.

Rather than bore you with a history of the blog; the ways my life has changed since April of 2011; blah blah blah, I’m just going to make this a succinct thank-you note.

Okay, succinct-ish.

Thank you to everyone reading this, whether you’ve been a follower for years or this is your first visit. You’re the reason why I’m still writing, and why I triple-check for typos. Thank you for accompanying me on this ride through my adventures and my ponderings, no matter how goofy.

Thank you to all you other bloggers out there — this is quite a community.  You’ve taught me a ton, and you inspire me to keep at it.

Thank you to my family for the genes, the motivation, and the encouragement.

Thank you to my friends for your ideas, your feedback and for not minding when I talk about you 😉

Last but not least, thank you to the tall Texan drink of water who I get to call my husband. When I’m hunched in front of the computer screen, chin on fist, conjuring words to write, and muttering to myself, you’re cooking dinner, walking the dog, offering words of support, and occasionally providing a much-needed distraction. I love you.

THANK YOU ALL!  I can’t wait to see what the next five years will bring, and I invite you to keep riding along with me.


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