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What virtue do you find yourself continually working on?

For me, it’s patience: patience with myself, patience with others, and, especially these days, patience with life.

Too often, I see a bright glimmer on the horizon and I want to get there NOW. I tell myself, I’ve done the work! I’m doing the work! I’m ready! I want it! Hard work and planning and willpower and prayer and positive thinking will make it happen when I want it to happen, which is NOW!

…okay, NOW!


Er. As I’m sure you know, and as I keep seeing but apparently not learning, life rarely works that way.

It’s a tad bit frustrating.

But as I sit here spinning my tires in the proverbial mud, trying to make things happen and just getting stuck and more frustrated, there’s something that makes me thankful, and brings my spinning to a gentle halt.

And that’s the knowledge that I’m not alone. Call it God’s handiwork, or fabulous serendipity, but a couple of helpful signposts have been plunked in front of me recently. I’d like to share them with you, in case you too are working on your patience:

Signpost #1: This post on The website is a forum geared towards female runners (I highly recommend it if you fit that criteria), but that post applies to EVERYONE, and goes way beyond running.

Signpost #2: This piece by Kristin Armstrong:

Patience is more than waiting for an answer to prayer or for the receipt of a blessing.
Patience is deeper than struggling with the passage of time.
Patience is the practice of trusting even when we cannot see.
Patience forces us to focus on doing our part, while we wait for God to do His.
Patience pinpoints areas where we must grow in order to receive.
Patience evokes a spirit of humility because we recognize that we are not in charge.
Patience involves seeking the Source instead of the solution.
Patience is maturity revealed.
Patience is the art of waiting, expectantly, joyfully, and quietly, when you have no idea what you are waiting for.
Patience is the ability to stand perfectly still in the vortex of chaos, and be totally content to hang out until further notice, simply because you have no intention or desire to move forward without God’s instruction.

Signpost #3: As I was finishing up this post, this song came on the radio. I kid you not. Thank you, Mr. Marley.

I’m working on it.


4 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Totally agree. In fact, I’m always telling my kids in certain situations–when they want something, standing in line–to be patient. So now when they see mommy frustrated, they tell me, “Mommy, just be patient.” It’s so sweet.

  2. I also struggle with patience. I think it’s harder in this day and age, with so much access to to others’ lives via social media. Everywhere we turn we can see someone who has already achieved what we want, people who can reach our goals in half the time with half the effort. It definitely stokes the fires of impatience.

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