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Never Underestimate the Power of a Tuesday Night

During my freshman year of college, the thing to do (for girls, anyway) was to make expansive collages. We would sift through magazines, looking for pictures and phrases that inspired or amused us. Then we would cut them out and glue them to whatever surface needed decorating: notebooks, binders, boxes, or good old posterboard for a dorm room wall-hanging. It was a low-key activity that offset the stress of that first year of college beautifully, and politically incorrect hilarity often ensued.

One of the phrases that I remember cutting out was “Never underestimate the power of a Tuesday night.”

The inspiration behind that was a tradition I’d cultivated with two friends: we had a late-afternoon Tuesday class together, and afterwards, we would always trek over to one of the dining halls for a good grub & gab session. It was a chance to hang out, catch up, and commiserate, and it spiced up the middle of the week. I loved it.


Fast-forward a bunch of years to 2013, when I met my husband. After a couple of dates, he introduced me to a similarly-beloved, slightly more grown-up tradition: Beer Tuesday.

Beer Tuesday began among a small group of Albuquerque engineers who would, every Tuesday, meet up after work at a bar called Horse & Angel. Why Tuesdays? Why that bar? Because Horse & Angel offered Tuesday beer specials, and it was close to where they worked. Hey, the simplest explanations are the best.

Over time, the Beer Tuesday crowd has expanded and shrunk. Some folks go almost every week; others when they can find the time. We’ve branched out from the original location to explore the plethora of microbreweries that have popped up in Albuquerque over the last several years, but the spirit has remained the same.

And just like those Tuesday nights in college, I love it. It’s a mid-week adventure. It’s a chance to try new food or a new beer or enjoy old favorites. Most importantly, it’s a chance to spend time with friends. And I’d wager that everyone reading this, especially those of you older than 30, knows the value of that time, and how hard it can be to find.


My most recent Tuesday tradition — okay, it’s not quite a “tradition” yet, but I’m working on that — is one that’s just for me. Well, me and my dog.

I take Ann, the redbone coonhound that Robin Hood and I have had for seven months now, on plenty of walks, but I’ve gradually been trying her out as a running buddy. Since she’s still pretty young, I’m easing into it. We run together once a week, and I figured, hey, why not do it on Tuesdays?

Running with Ann not only enlivens the middle of my week, it also enlivens my running. It teaches me to be lighter on my feet. It reminds me to get out of my head, to be supportive of those around me (yes, I’m the dog owner who encourages my dog, out loud, as we’re running along), and to be patient.

Good mid-week lessons, don’t you think?



3 thoughts on “Never Underestimate the Power of a Tuesday Night

  1. What a fun and uplifting post! Sometimes I get into a rut during the week where it feels like all I have time for is making dinner and getting ready for the next day… But this is really not true. It’s just me not taking advantage of my mid-week evenings. I will now remind myself: Never underestimate a Tuesday (Wednesday, Thursday) night! Thanks.

  2. Yay beer Tuesday! I hope to make it back soon for another one. Running with Kiva teaches me that it isn’t about time or consistent pace…it is about connecting with my dog and enjoying the time we have together.

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