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Hanging Pictures

We all have projects that get shuffled to the side during the holidays. After New Year’s, when we’ve put away the decorations and we’re rubbing our eyes and re-entering the orbit of normal life, those projects inch back up the priority list. Then one day, the stars align in just the right way, and suddenly: I have the time! I have the energy! Holy moly, this is actually going to get done!

It’s a happy feeling. There’s usually dancing involved.

For me, the project was hanging up wedding photos and the time was last weekend.

I love hanging pictures. I love finding the perfect frame, the perfect spot on the wall, and ESPECIALLY those instances of hanging a picture perfectly on the first try. O little glorious victories!

It makes me feel like a homemaker, in the most literal sense of the word. Like I’m making a home. Pictures on the wall give a house warmth. Pair them with a dessert baking in the oven, a dog lounging with a chew toy, running shoes in a heap by the front door, and ahhhhhh.

Plus, in getting those pictures on the wall, I feel like it’s the beginning of a new chapter.

I’ll explain why in just a moment, but let me say first that I still feel like a newlywed most of the time.

  • Exhibit A) I just called my insurance company to change my last name and to, oh yeah, let them know I got married. Turns out I could have been saving money on insurance for six months now! Let that be a lesson to you recently- or soon-to-be-married people!
  • Exhibit B) During that call, the woman I spoke with called me Mrs. Sapp — it was the first time anyone other than a close friend has called me that. Strange but wonderful.

That said, I think Robin Hood and I are shedding our marriage training wheels. We continue to learn every day, and I can’t even imagine the lessons that the future holds for us, but we’re finding our stride, and that’s a great feeling. We’re getting better at communicating. We (and by “we” I mean “I”) don’t think, startled, “Wait, we’re MARRIED? How did THAT happen?” as much anymore. We’re getting organized. We’re hanging stuff on the wall.

Hanging pictures not only makes me feel caught-up (at least in terms of home decor); it also motivates me to do more. I think, What else can be done here? What needs to be cleaned, reorganized, or discarded?

And how can I apply this philosophy to myself, in order to become a better person and a better wife in 2016?

Robin Hood and I have just started the second half of our first year of marriage. You folks who have been married a long time are laughing at me, but it does feel like time is careening right on by. So many questions still! So many pictures that have yet to be hung!

But for now, the walls look good. We have a dog who lounges with chew toys. We have the desserts, we have the running shoes, and we even have a freezer full of game meat (thanks Robin Hood!). Most importantly, we have love.

By golly, we have made a home.






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