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Getting Back Into the Groove

Every time I train for a marathon, I tell myself that I will get so much done during my post-marathon recovery period because I will have so much free time. Has it ever worked out that way?

Not once.

Sure, I get stuff done; it’s not like after a marathon I just park myself on the couch for hours on end. But it never pans out the way I plan. It’s like I need running to give my life structure: without running, life is a bunch of dots. With running, those dots have numbers and can be connected successfully.

It’s good to be back.

I took twelve days off from running after my marathon. On the thirteenth day, I decided it was time to shake off the cobwebs. I trotted a distance of maybe three miles. I’d like to be able to tell you the weather was perfect, but it wasn’t – it was windy and damp and chilly. I pretended to ignore all that, and tried to just tune in to my body.

My legs itched and tingled with the increased blood circulation. Various other body parts whined a little, as though they were being shaken awake from a pleasant dream, but nothing serious flared up.

All in all, a solid reunion run.

Some folks don’t care for the return to running after a break. They don’t like that their fitness has receded, or that the weather has changed, or that it’s harder to find motivation.

This time of year, I can understand that. It’s noticeably colder outside than it was a couple weeks ago, it gets darker earlier, and shoot, the holidays are right around the corner! Why not just put off the return to running till January 1?

Because I don’t want to.

I’m fond of this reunion time. It gives me the chance to get reacquainted with my running. I don’t get overly concerned with pace or distance. I explore streets of my neighborhood that I’ve always been curious about but never took the time to see. That’s the best part – not just straying from the usual routes, but straying from running routine in general.

The other day I took a major leap from routine by taking my dog for a run. We’ve gone running before, but those times have always just been a lap or two around the block. This time, we covered a distance of about two and a half miles – a distance PR for us! Our pace slowed a few times, but we kept moving, and I think that was the most fun that she and I have had together. In fact, that leap from routine might just become part of my routine.

Here’s to getting back into the groove, and making it better.


3 thoughts on “Getting Back Into the Groove

  1. I love taking my dog for a run! He gets bored (or tired?) after about 20 minutes but we are working on it. I think he lies to me about his exhaustion though, he is bred to run forever and as soon as we stop he has oodles of energy! Goofy lil guy he is.

  2. I totally agree When I don’t run I get less done that when I do. I need it to keep me focused. I was lost that 15 months I was injured and couldn’t run. Just now getting back into the groove.

  3. I hate running in the cold….seems my running shoes goes on hiatus during winter. It is tough to motivate yourself to run…. but I am trying to at least go for short runs this winter and not turn into a couch potato.

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