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One Monday night

I took Robin Hood out on a date. I owed him one, and lately we’ve taken to doing date nights during the week. This stems from our recent flurry of weekend activities: wedding! Honeymooning! Puppy wrangling! Four-wheeler fetching! And the less exciting, but so, so lovely sleeping!

It likely will continue this way, because we’re on the brink of hunting season*, which means that unless I go with him, my weekend sightings of my husband will be few and far between.

Anyway. Monday night. I had some post-weekend energy, so I asked Robin Hood out. One thing I’ve gleaned from a whole two months of marriage: never stop asking your spouse out on dates!

On a recommendation from my boss, we went to Kasey’s for dinner. I was starving (hooray for marathon training and frequent dog-walking!), so I was happy when we walked in to find the place quiet. Score one for dining out on Mondays.

Sure enough, service was speedy, and before we knew it, we were sipping wine and munching red chile pulled pork egg rolls. I noticed the cool art on the wall, but it was Robin Hood who pointed out the subject of one particular piece. It was a photograph of sunflowers past their prime – a little wilted, a little stooped, dark; not proud and tall and brazen like your typical sunflower photo.

The more I looked at that picture, the more I liked it. Maybe because that’s the state of my own garden’s sunflowers right now, so I felt a connection, or maybe because it made me realize that sunflowers are too great to only be photographed during their [sadly short-lived] prime. It inspired me to go home and take this picture:


Now back to the food. Because OH MY LORD. I got a bison burger with macaroni and cheese on the side, and Robin Hood got pork chops with potatoes au gratin. Sounds simple, right? Roadside diner fare? Ohhh no. There were figs involved. In both dishes. FIGS! Not to mention all kinds of marvelous secret sauces.

Did I mention the figs? Robin Hood and I are now big fans.

I was full after that. Really, I was. But, but…I saw bread pudding on the dessert menu. For me, that’s a no-brainer. I informed my stomach that it wasn’t done yet.

Quick note about bread pudding: it’s one of the few foods on which my husband and I disagree. I prefer a firmer bread pudding; he likes his to lean more towards a pudding. We make it work.

Kasey’s bread pudding didn’t disappoint. It was a little softer than I normally like, but I came very, very close to lifting the plate to my face and licking that thing clean. Robin Hood and I just sat there for a few minutes after the last bite with glazed, dreamy looks in our eyes.

Some meals are worth writing about.


*Early bear season notwithstanding.

P.S. If you have a dog, check out this app.

P.P.S. I can’t say enough about Molly Wizenberg. The woman writes about food, family, and life like none other.


2 thoughts on “One Monday night

  1. This sounds amazing. Mac and cheese… it’s been so long since I had it! I also love the sunflower quote and the sentiment that goes with it. Have you seen calendar girls? There’s a quote: “The flowers of Yorkshire are like the women of Yorkshire. Every stage of their growth has its own beauty, but the last phase is always the most glorious. Then very quickly they all go to seed.” Sunflowers are a major theme in the film as well 🙂

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