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7 Days Out

Forgive me if this post is scatter-brained. My attention span has left the building.

Seven days out from my wedding day, and how am I feeling? Am I giddy? Or am I floating serenely through the hours like a perfectly-polished wedding goddess?

No. I’m tired. And happy. And dazed. And baffled, really, over the fact that one little week…one little week from today I’ll be donning a lovely dress and my cowgirl boots and starting the rest of my life.

Our life. Mine and Robin Hood’s.

Sometimes we look at each other and kind of go “Whaaaa?? Hey, we’re getting MARRIED!” Luckily, this has to date been followed by goofy smiles and hand squeezes, and not by either of sprinting far, far away. A good sign, right?

Mind-bogglingly, we’re still checking things off our to-do list. That’s a lesson I’ve learned: no matter how organized you are, no matter when you start planning, little things keep popping up. Oh well. I’m just telling myself that a week from now, I’ll be putting my feet up with all the to-do lists mercifully behind me.


The last six months have been a wild ride. A mostly good wild ride, but a wild ride nonetheless. There’s been joy and frustration; victory dances and tears; bickering and hugs; running; traveling; drinking; thinking; and the support of oh so many friends and family (thank you ALL).

There’s been the finding of vendors, the losing of vendors, and the finding of new ones. There’s been the hating of snow and the loving of snow. There have been viewings of wedding movies and viewings of things that are blessedly unromantic (anyone watched The Pacific lately?).

There have been times when I’ve utterly lost my senses (agonizing, agonizing over whether dinner should be served at 5 or 5:30), and times when Robin Hood says something that makes me throw my head back and laugh, and then I remember what all of it’s for.


It took a while for love – the real kind, that is – to plunk itself down in my life, but the wait was absolutely worth it.

Love makes the stress manageable. It makes being tired manageable. It motivates you into wanting to make everything awesome, and then it makes you realize that everything already IS awesome (if that song is in your head now, you’re welcome).

I wouldn’t trade one minute of the last six months, or the last 34 years, for anything. And I can’t wait for what the next seven days will bring.

I’ll be back in blog land in three weeks…thank you all for your support along the way!

And one last thing….

To Robin Hood, constant source of love and smiles and yes, awesomeness: It had to be you. Here’s to forever.

Photo courtesy of Jayme Parker.
Photo courtesy of Jayme Parker.

8 thoughts on “7 Days Out

  1. Shannon, the Johnston clan can’t wait to welcome you into our family…actually you already are part of it! We love Adam Ant and we love you and we love how you love Robin Hood. Next Saturday will be amazing and as you and Robin Hood start the rest of your life together….. we wish you all the happiness and joy and laughter that your hearts can hold. Love, Aunt Jean and all

  2. Such an exciting time, albeit very hectic! I remember the day before my wedding, leaving the house to do my last-minute running around so scatter-brained that I completely forgot to eat breakfast or wash my face. When the day came, there were still a few things we forgot (our groomsmen scrambling around to find a fancy pen for the guestbook 30 minutes before the ceremony is one that comes to mind), but in the end all those little details just kind of blurred out and what really came into focus were all the awesome people gathered around us to celebrate the beginning of our lives together. Take deep breaths, relax (as best you can), and soak in every single minute! 🙂

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