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Post-Bachelorette Party Debriefing

1) When planning your bachelorette celebration, do what YOU want to do. I picked Denver over Vegas. It sounded more fun.

2) Driving from Albuquerque to Denver is SO much nicer in late May than in winter. More daylight = good. Daylight while going over the Raton Pass = really good.

3) When tackling long road trips, stop at least once. Always. Is making great time worth it if your body is so stiff that you can barely extricate yourself from your car at the end?

4) If the forecast calls for wretched weather throughout your travels, pray. I did it before my last two trips, and you know what? It worked.

5) A friend who kicks off the weekend with champagne in a glitter-covered bottle is a fabulous friend.

6) Come to think of it, a friend who agrees to host your bachelorette weekend is a fabulous friend, glittery champagne or no – thanks, Emily! 

7) Don’t set your alarm clock unless absolutely necessary.

8) Any offer of food made by this guy should never, ever be turned down.

9) Bachelorette parties should involve baseball. If you’ve got a Major League team anywhere near you – including neighboring states – DO IT.

10) If there’s a rain delay at the ballgame, stay! Have faith. Eat a hot dog.

11) Stay for the whole game, even if your team is losing.

12) Local beer tastes better.

13) The burger I ate after the game, packed into a booth in a crowded restaurant with my ladies while it poured outside, was the best burger I’ve had in ages.

14) If I lived in Denver, I would eat at the Denver Biscuit Company way more often than necessary.

15) I wouldn’t care.

16) I’ve learned that one of my favorite souvenirs to buy is a t-shirt from a local running shop.

17) The Denver Art Museum is enormous and lovely. I already want to go back. [See? You can totally mix a little culture into a bachelorette weekend!]

18) You can never watch “The Big Wedding” too many times. Look it up on Netflix. Now.

19) No matter how big you think the BolderBoulder 10k is, it’s bigger.

20) Everyone needs friends who sweat through 6.2 miles with them, and do it with smiles on their faces.

21) Veils and tutus are surprisingly aerodynamic!

22) For this run, I traded my watch for my phone (to take pictures) and I don’t regret it.

23) If race spectators have set up a homemade slip ‘n slide and a) the line is super-long and b) it looks a wee bit dangerous, it’s okay to say no.

24) The same does NOT hold true for spectators handing out cupcakes.

25) When one of your ladies acquires a beer mid-race and gravely tells you that you need it, you’ve probably begun to display alarming signs of exhaustion and dehydration, so you should drink it.

26) 20 years of slurping water from tiny cups at aid stations really came in handy.

27) Thank you to Boulder’s 29th Street Mall Starbucks for the free coffee.

28) As huge as the BolderBoulder is, it is a magnificently-organized race.

And finally….HUGE THANKS to Emily, Erin, Antoinette, Meghann, Jax, and Robbie (you’re a dude but you still count) for celebrating with me!





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