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Young at Heart

This week, I came upon the following question:

What is it that makes you feel young?

The question made me stop and stare at the page from which the words peered up at me. I think I even answered out loud: I don’t know.

Good grief!

A tiny bit horrified, I rattled off things in my head: Running? Well, that usually makes me feel good, yes, and empowered…but young? Hmmm. Prayer? That’s a source of comfort and peace, and also, in its own way, empowerment…or what about reading a good book? Relaxing, yes. Fountain of youth, not necessarily.

The point of the passage containing that question was that we shouldn’t lose touch with what makes us feel young. Whether it’s catching rays at the beach, or going out with friends, or just dancing in your living room — it’s important. Knowing what it is, and actually doing it from time to time, is an excellent way to recharge and renew ourselves. We do that magical thing, and when it’s done, we’re better people for it. Probably so much so that the people close to us notice it.

After reading that, I knew I had some homework to do. I am NOT going to end up like one of those grim-faced grown-ups in a Disney movie, who don’t know how to get to NeverNever Land, who think Mary Poppins is certifiable, and who lose whatever it is that grown-ups lose in The Polar Express.

Oh dear. It’s happening already.

I embarked on a mission: figure out what makes me feel young. This week, I’ve concentrated on doing some of my favorite things:

• I’ve run every day.
• I’ve consciously taken time, between buzzing around from task to task and tumbling into dreamland, to slow down and relax in the evenings with Robin Hood.
• I’ve made two pies, because I love making pie, and as I like to say, when the pie spirit moves you, it’s best to let it have its way. Side note: savory pies are delicious, and easy. Give them a whirl!
• I even nurtured a little spontaneity when Robin Hood and I strolled over to the nearby Little League fields to get a dose of America’s favorite pastime, and found the refreshment stand open. How can you not support a Little League refreshment stand?? Our dinner that night was hot dogs, a green chile cheeseburger, and a hot pretzel. We were in heaven.

Did any of those things make me feel younger? I don’t know. I do know that, while doing each of them, there was a moment when I lost track of time. Somewhere, in the act of gently positioning the top layer of pie crust, or not-so-gently (heh heh) pushing a chunk of pretzel into Robin Hood’s mouth, I stopped thinking about what time it was. I wasn’t thinking about any to-do list. I was just enjoying.

Is that what feeling young is all about?

I’m going to continue my mission. This is the kind of homework I actually like!

What is it that makes you feel young?

Go do it.


12 thoughts on “Young at Heart

  1. Laughing. And trying not to worry about everyday things (like bills or excessive time management). You don’t have to do those things when you’re young!

  2. Ooooh great post!

    I think running and staying active to make me feel young in the sense that they remind me how vital and healthy I still am. I have to remember that I won’t have these levels of energy and activity forever, as I get older the things that are easy now will slowly become harder. The paces and distances I can run with ease as a 20-something will become labored in a few decades.

    So I have to remind myself to enjoy my level of vitality while it lasts. Staying healthy makes me feel young!

  3. Fabulous!! I will be thinking about and working on this one. Too easy to become caught up in what I think I should be doing to remember what it is to have fun doing something someone young would do. I love swinging on the swings. I’m discovering that being upside down also makes me feel young.

  4. I’d have to do something different every day 😉 well, some things aren’t doable anymore 😉 but still – fun to think about it 😀

  5. I think that being able to be amazed by things. To look at our world in wonderment. Think about the internet, social media, cell phones. All these things we didn’t have as kids. Star Trek couldn’t even dream these things up.
    Sometimes when I have the day off from work and I’m driving around I try to remember what it was like before I had the freedom to drive. To go into a corner store and buy a Coke if I want, without permission or asking Mom for a dollar.
    Sometimes I get that feeling like I’m playing hooky and should be somewhere else.

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