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Dressing Up in Denver

The drive from Albuquerque to Denver is blessedly simple. Get on I-25, point your car north, and just keep going.

Last Friday after work, I made that drive to spend the weekend with my friend Emily and her awesome hubby, Robbie. As if hanging out with them wouldn’t be fun enough, Emily had volunteered to be my wingwoman as I faced the exciting-but-scary adventure of…Trying On Wedding Dresses.

Fueled by anticipation, snacks, coffee, and music cranked to road trip volume, the drive passed quickly. Nevertheless, it was late by the time I parked along Emily’s curb, so after a big hug and a quick catch-up chat, we both went to bed. Visiting three bridal shops on insufficient sleep didn’t seem like a sound idea to either of us.

The next morning we cruised through Starbucks for breakfast and lots of caffeine. There I learned Lesson #1 of the day.

Lesson #1: I’m the kind of woman who devours an egg-and-sausage muffin immediately before trying on wedding dresses.

We arrived at the first shop, and I immediately felt out of my element. My outfits consist mainly of jeans and t-shirts, and there I was surrounded by tulle, silk, and lace. And elegance. My God, the elegance was palpable!

Lesson #2: When trying on wedding dresses, bring a friend. One who is smart, gracious, and stylish, who also knows your style. Thankfully, I had just such a friend with me.

My stylist introduced herself, and we got down to business.

Lesson #3: Make appointments. It’s just better that way.

I learned how to efficiently shimmy into and out of dresses. After nearly getting swallowed by a mountain of tulle, I decided that wide ‘n fluffy was not my style. I tried on a veil just for kicks, and to my surprise, loved it. I got to stand up on the little platform and twirl.

My inner bride started to awaken.

We floated to the next shop. I had hit my stride: I knew what I liked in a dress and what I didn’t like. The stylist, like a pacer during a marathon, matched my stride easily, keeping the mood light while remaining focused. Emily snapped photos of the dresses, provided constructive feedback, and asked all the insightful questions that never would have occurred to me.

More dresses! More twirling! More scrutinizing, smiling, shrugging, and squealing!

After the second appointment, it was time for lunch.

Lesson #4: Refueling is VITAL when dress shopping. If it’s in the form of a burger, fries, and beer, even better. Kudos to Yard House for being a great fuel station.

Our last appointment was at 5 o’clock. Guess what? It turns out that looking at wedding dresses all day doesn’t diminish their beauty one bit. As I tried on the last batch of dresses, I felt a little sad that the day was drawing to a close. But what a day it had been: the adrenaline! The flying fabric! (Seriously, those shops get BUSY on weekends). The reconnaissance!

Lesson #5: Just because a woman spends most of her time in jeans and sneakers, and prefers a hairband to a curling iron, doesn’t mean she can’t feel like a princess occasionally.

Thank you to Emily and Robbie for a delightful weekend. And thank you to the Bridal Collection, Blue Bridal Boutique, and Little White Dress for not once mocking my twirling.



3 thoughts on “Dressing Up in Denver

  1. IYou don’t say you managed to twirl so much you fell off the podium. Just me who did that them?
    I do know what you mean, I’m usually in quite dull attire – work kit or jeans, but there is something about dressing up in that makes you feel a whole new person. Awww. looking forward to following the entire wedding preparations *sqweeee*

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