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On Your Mark, Get Set…

Happy 2015, everyone!

I hope the holidays were fabulous for all of you. For me, they were a whirlwind of airports, hugs, mouthwatering food, more hugs, bright lights, and glorious chaos. I got to run in places that I took for granted for years, and see faces that I stopped taking for granted a long time ago.

The cherry on top? Robin Hood got to meet my family…and won over the whole dang crowd. I think even my 2-month-old niece drooled her approval.

It all went by, as usual, much too quickly, and already I can’t wait for the next time we all hang out together.

But for now…it’s a new year!

In the past, I’ve avoided New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not sure why – maybe I’ve always thought that if I give my intentions a label, they will be doomed to not survive past January 31. Or maybe I’ve just been too busy slurping ruby red grapefruit (they’re in season, and they’re delicious). Or maybe the act of deliberately putting off taking Christmas decorations down takes more out of me than I thought. At any rate, resolutions have never been my thing.

This year, it’s different.

Imagine running a marathon without any mile markers and without a Garmin or any similar self-tracking device. You’d be plugging away, vaguely knowing that you’re making some sort of progress, but lacking a firm grasp of it. There would be contentment, but also…cloudiness.

That’s my current mental state. So I’m setting down mile markers for myself to clarify, motivate, and bring a little concrete accomplishment to my life.

• The first is to pick a race already. I’ve been telling myself for weeks…okay, months…that I need to get back in the saddle (er, starting corral?). Nothing kicks a new year of running into gear like filling out a registration form. I’ve got my eye on two races here in Albuquerque, but I have a weakness for destination races, especially for longer-distance events. And, trying to be mindful of my Texan boyfriend, I figure it would be fun to find a race in his home state. So I’ll pose this question: Can any of you recommend a half or full marathon in the Dallas-Fort Worth or Austin areas?

• The second is to get back into a church routine. I pray, and read devotionals, and my relationship with God has unquestionably improved over the past year. I’m happy about all of this. But something is still missing, which could be explained by the fact that I don’t go to church as often as I could. I found a church that I like. It’s close to home. One hour a week. No more excuses.

• The third is to start twice-a-week walks with Robin Hood. He wants to exercise more. I like to exercise. He doesn’t much like running, so for the sake of convenience, walking it is! We used to have a weekly run/walk routine, which was quality, outdoorsy time spent together, and which culminated in our participation in Albuquerque’s Sweetheart Run 5k last February. Then we just kind of slid away from the routine. It’s time to bring it back. Who knows? Maybe we’ll do the Sweetheart together again.

What will you use as your mile markers this year?


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