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Four for the 4th

Happy 4th of July!! And to my non-American readers, feel free to celebrate anyway!

I tried to think of a way to narrow the focus of this post and couldn’t do it. There’s too much to be excited about! As luck and coincidence would have it, though, I was able to narrow my favorite things from this week down to four.

* THE WORLD CUP! I know soccer/football is the world’s most popular sport. I also know there are plenty of people who do not follow it at all (such as yours truly). For those of us in that category, the World Cup is like the Olympics — every four years, we get wildly passionate about a sport that, for the other three years and 300+ days, evokes only vague interest. We learn the names of superstars, with a high probability that we’ll forget them immediately. We gobble up scandals and groan at questionable calls. And if our team makes it further than anyone predicted? Well, “frenzy” is an understatement. My point is: sporting events like this add a fun undercurrent to the daily news feed, and I always support that.

* ARCHERY! Last weekend, the Sandia Crest Bowhunters Associaton hosted the annual Make A Wish Shoot, in which all proceeds went to that foundation. It was a great day. Robin Hood and I were placed in a group with one of the SCBA’s most respected men and his three grandsons, all of whom shot very well — one even got his first bullseye! Afterwards, we stuck around to help take the targets down. This proved more enjoyable than you’d think — I suspect because I got to ride around the archery range on the tailgate of a pickup truck. Let me say: roller coasters have nothing on canyon-deep ruts. After the clean-up, Robin Hood and I shot some arrows at the range’s permanent targets. By the time we decided to take our dusty selves home, we had spent eight hours at the range, and enjoyed every minute.


* USING ALL THE OUTDOOR COOKING GEAR! It doesn’t matter if it’s a campfire, fire pit, grill, or the sidewalk. This time of year was hand-crafted for outdoor cooking. As you may have ascertained from last week’s post, I’m a huge fan of campfires; this week, my new Dutch oven got its maiden voyage in Robin Hood’s backyard fire pit. Granted, some sweat probably got into the elk stew that we made; there was some minor smoke inhalation; and we smelled like the fire for hours; but it was awesome! And the stew was pretty tasty. I’ve already got my sights set on putting “Dutchie” to work again next week, so if you have any Dutch oven recipes you’re willing to share, let me know.


* TRAVEL! I’m spending this weekend at my parents’ house in Virginia, and this time I’ve brought a little more than I usually do. Specifically: Robin Hood! He and my parents have met before, but this will be his first time visiting my hometown. I plan to take him to the creek where I used to float boats made of twigs. We’ll go to Lake Accotink, and I’ll point out the place where I did a high school science project, the place where I face-planted during cross-country practice, and the place where a pair of bald eagles have a nest. We’ll watch fireworks over the Mall in D.C. And we will soak up every drop of that infamous humidity and relish it while we can.

How are you celebrating the 4th?


8 thoughts on “Four for the 4th

  1. OMG Lake Accotink! I moved away from VA when I was 12 and have been back to visit a lot, but I haven’t thought about Accotink in forever. It was a few miles from our house–we could ride our bikes through some funky back way. Wow!

  2. Sounds awesome all-around, and enjoy heading home and showing Robin Hood around the old stomping grounds … it is never the same showing someone else, because to you it is stories and memories and to them … places.

  3. Spending time with your cousin who happens to live across the road from Austin’s annual
    Independence Day fireworks extravaganza! Hot dogs, sausages, Queso and cake – feeling patriotic!

  4. Dutch oven cooking is the GREATEST! I’ve done beer-braised stuffed pork chops with sage in a D.O. I’ve also baked a few berry cobblers and a pineapple upside-down cake in a Dutch oven. Ohhhh, that’s brining back river-trip memories. That stew looks delicious!

  5. Andrea and I went back to Kernsville to visit our old school, Southeastern University, and did a nice jog around the campus including Doobey Hall and the track. It was great fun!

  6. How wonderful to hear about a boy doing something besides being on a video game! Great memories! I spent my 4th of July morning running the Peachtree 10K in Atlanta, with very low humidity! Thanks for the post.

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